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Dr. Lawrence Kutner

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Dr. Lawrence Kutner is played by Kal Penn in House M.D..


Dr. Lawrence Kutner: What did House have to say?
Thirteen: He told me I was raised by wolves and that's why I use the same hand for my fork and knife. image

Dr. Lawrence Kutner: What did House have to say?
Thirteen: He told me I was raised by wolves and that's why I use the same hand for my fork and knife.

Thirteen: You are the champion of not dealing with your problems.
Dr. Gregory House: My grandson gave me a mug that says that.

Lou: I'm pregnant?
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: You want to call the father and let him know?
Lou: Soon as you do some DNA testing, let me know.

Lou: My boss has a big Beijing trip. I've been planning it for months. I was just tired and dehydrated and...
Thirteen: Yeah, whenever I lose some shut-eye, I pound my legs, clawing at imaginary ant colonies.

She was adopted when the parents thought they couldn't have kids. Then they had three more. She took the message as "Thanks for playing, but we have our real children now."

Such a beautiful day, we thought we'd do all our doctoring outside.

Dr. Lawrence Kutner: Spider bite doesn't explain anything unless the patient was actually bitten by a spider. I'll do the exam.
Dr. Gregory House: Don't be ridiculous. That would be inappropriate. It'd be better if a woman gropes her. There's no sexual tension that way.

Dr. Chris Taub: Blood in the field. Not where I'm looking.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: How am I supposed to know where you're looking?
Dr. Chris Taub: Here's a hint: it's the bloody part.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: The whole thing's bloody. It's a guy with a hole in his body.

Thirteen - Dr. Remy Hadley: You're a coward! You need to know everything because you're afraid to be wrong. You're so afraid of being ordinary, of being just another doctor, just another human being that you'll risk other people's lives.
Dr. Gregory House: I'm arrogant. You're the coward. You're terrified of death. You just want to cheat it by making it come sooner, gives you the illusion of control.

Dr. James Wilson: Irene Adler. Christmas 2001. Sarcoid symptoms, but she didn't respond to methotrexate. I've never seen him so obsessed. He saved her with a last-minute Wegener's diagnosis, but the hours he put in... I thought it would kill him. And then... well, he fell for her, but it was too soon after Stacy and... It sounds silly, but Irene was the one who got away.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: Really?
Dr. James Wilson: No, you idiots. House is just screwing with you.

Dr. Chris Taub: Funny how the two people in the room who think relationships are easy, are both single.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: I don't think they're easy. That's why I think if you find something that could be good, you should hang on to it.
Dr. Chris Taub: Everything could be good. Very little ever is.

Dr. Lawrence Kutner: I think there's something wrong with House.
Dr. James Wilson: Who's he making miserable now?

Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley: Why are you still alive?
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: I'm not sure.
Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley: I guess he was impressed that you stood up to him. And got a cat to pee on his chair.
Dr. Lawrence Kutner: Yeah. A cat.

It's always a sad thing when sperm comes between people...

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