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2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)  image

Directed by: John Singleton
Written by: Gary Scott Thompson, Michael Brandt
Starring: Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Cole Hauser
Released on: June 6, 2003
Taglines: How fast do you like it

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) Quotes

 He's clean, dirty, but clean. image

He's clean, dirty, but clean.



 Kiss my ass, Putos! image

Kiss my ass, Putos!

 Why must I chase the cat? image

Why must I chase the cat?

 Damn! Where'd ya'll confiscate these rims from, man? image

Damn! Where'd ya'll confiscate these rims from, man?

 Only my homeboys call me Rome, pig. image

Only my homeboys call me Rome, pig.

 He did the stare and drive on you, didn't he? He got that from me. image

He did the stare and drive on you, didn't he? He got that from me.

Brian O'Connor : Hey, Jimmy! We got any half-empty bottles of nitrous laying around?
Jimmy : Sure, but I already loaded you with spray.
Brian O'Connor : I'm thinking we may need it for something else. 'Cause our cars may get a little crowded.

Yo, Jimmy, man, give me the status. Tell me we good. image

Yo, Jimmy, man, give me the status. Tell me we good.

Detective Whitworth : Hey, Carter.
Carter Verone : Meet, uh, Detective Whitworth.
Carter Verone : One of Miami's finest. Thank you, sweetheart. Are you enjoying yourself, Detective?
Detective Whitworth : Yeah, I was. I mean, you know me.
Carter Verone : Yeah, I do know you. You been on my payroll a long time.
Detective Whitworth : Verone, that ain't right.
Carter Verone : Shut up. I got one last job for you, Detective. You hear me?
Detective Whitworth : Look, we've been through all this.
Carter Verone : Yeah?
Detective Whitworth : Yeah. I said I can't do it.
Carter Verone : Hmm. That's the wrong answer. The table.

Roman Pearce : Got two new cars! That's all my man!
Korpi : Damm!
Roman Pearce : Y'all ain't ready, homeboy! Get to walking, Fabio.
Roman Pearce : Use them bus tokens, partner!

Whoa, fellas, fellas. I know my tags are outta date, but damn.

Carter Verone : [to his potential wheelmen] Thank you for coming on such short notice. My red Ferrari was confiscated yesterday, and it sits in an impound lot in Little Haiti. It's about 20 miles from here. The car isn't important. What is important is the package I left in the glove box. The first team back here with the package will have an opportunity to work for me.
Darden : Are you saying we gotta audition?
Carter Verone : Nobody's got a gun to your head. That's it.

Tej : Damn, Suki, uh... When you gonna pop my clutch, huh?
Suki : As soon as you get the right set of tools.
Tej : Yeah, a'ight.

You might wanna keep your eyes on the road, playboy.

Do I even wanna know where the Skyline is, Dawg? Or where you've been for the past couple'a days? Or where the hell you got these rides from?

All right. You each got a barrel to go around down at the end of the road here. Second wave gotta sit tight till your partner crosses this line right here. First team to go down and back twice wins the race... at which point, the losers WILL hand over them keys. Otherwise, you'll be eating breakfast through straws from now on.

How much he pay ya'll anyway? Every time I see ya'll, man, ya'll got the silk shirts on, jewelry, you know, lookin' real Miami. You know? I caught you walkin' up in the club, you got the hamburger meat all hangin' out, you know?

Brian O'Connor : So, Dunn, looks like we're gonna be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?
Agent Dunn : Um...
Agent Dunn : 24?
Brian O'Connor : I didn't know pizza places made motors.

Enjoyin' the ride? Man, it's a fast car, huh? Man, it's a classic. Old school. American muscle. Man, this car can do all kinda things, man. Wanna see?

Verone pay ya'll to keep a straight face like that? 'Cause If I was makin' money, shit, I'd get that mole removed off my damn nose.

Oh yeah you think you're the bomb, home?

Home stretch, baby.

All right, let's see what this thing can do.

Brian O'Connor : Nice shirt, Bilkins.
Agent Bilkins : It's my day off.

How 'bout them apples, man?

You still fight like shit, bro.

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