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Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

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Directed by: Justin Lin
Written by: Chris Morgan Gary Scott Thompson
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Dwayne Johnson
Released on: May 24, 2013
Taglines: All roads lead to this

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Quotes

 You've got the best crew in the world standing right in front of you, give them a reason to stay. image

You've got the best crew in the world standing right in front of you, give them a reason to stay.

Roman : I thought that was our last job, Brian. So now we work for the Hulk? That's what we're doing? Why do I smell baby oil?
Hobbs : If you keep running your piehole, you're gonna smell an ass-kicking.

 Klaus, aren't you team muscle? Don't make me go over there and make you team pussy. image

Klaus, aren't you team muscle? Don't make me go over there and make you team pussy.

Owen Shaw : There she goes, leaving you, again. Bloody fickle, that one.
Dominic Toretto : You want bloody? We can do bloody.
Owen Shaw : A street kid, starts out stealing DVD players in East L.A., ends up heisting $100 million in Rio.
Dominic Toretto : Not bad, huh?
Owen Shaw : It's a good story, isn't it? Almost inspiring. See, what I couldn't fathom is why he's not relaxing on a beach somewhere with that cute little Brazilian number. Instead, he's working with a two-bit government hack like Hobbs. And then I realized, he has a weak spot.
Dominic Toretto : We all got a weak spot.
Owen Shaw : You know, when I was young, my brother always used to say, "Every man has to have a code." Mine: Precision. A team is nothing but pieces you switch out until you get the job done. It's efficient. It works. But you? You're loyal to a fault. Your code is about family. And that's great in the holidays, but it makes you predictable. And in our line of work, predictable means vulnerable. And that means I can reach out and break you whenever I want.
Dominic Toretto : At least when I go, I'll know what it's for.
Owen Shaw : Well, at least you have a code. Most men don't. So, I'm going to give you a chance: Take your crew and walk away. That's the only way you're going to keep your family safe.
Dominic Toretto : Your brother never told you never to threaten a man's family? It's a pretty stupid thing to do. But I'll make it simple for you: I walk away when she walks away.
Owen Shaw : Well then, it appears this inspiring tale has come to an end.
Dominic Toretto : If that's the way it has to go.
Owen Shaw : Let me guess: Hobbs?
Hobbs : Come on, you son of a bitch.
Dominic Toretto : The "two-bit government hack".
Owen Shaw : See you around, Toretto.
Dominic Toretto : You can bet on it.

Nurse : Señor O'Conner, Señor O'Conner, hurry, come! Come! This way! This way
Elena : It's all right, I've got it.
Elena : It's okay, you're just in time.
Dominic Toretto : You're gonna be a great father, Brian.
Brian O'Conner : What makes you so sure?
Dominic Toretto : Because I'll be there to kick your ass if you ain't. Get in there.
Elena : Go.
Dominic Toretto : Brian. Remember, the second you go through those doors, everything changes. Our old life is done.

Roman : Who's got a plan B?
Tej Parker : Plan B? We need a plan C, D, E. We need more alphabet!
Brian O'Conner : Hey! We do what we do best. We improvise, all right?

You know what they say, Stasiak, if you want the career-changing big fish, you gotta be willing to put on the big boy panties and sail out to the deep water.

Roman : Hey, Mia, you better hide your baby oil.
Roman : I'm just playing.
Hobbs : And you better hide that big-ass forehead.
Roman : I was just joking, but whatever.

Tej Parker : It's all between you and the car you build it's a bond, it's a commitment.
Hobbs : Sounds like a marriage.
Tej Parker : Yeah, but with cars when you trade up they don't take half your shit.

Roman : Hey, uh, which one of these is like a dollar?
Hobbs : It's on the house.

The crew we're after, they hit like thunder and disappear like smoke. You go in alone, you won't ever touch them. I've been chasing these guys across four continents and twelve countries and believe me the last place I want to be is in front of your door step selling girl scout cookies. I need your help Dom. I need your team.

Tej Parker : It's all between you and the car. It's a bond. It's a commitment.
Hobbs : Sounds like a marriage to me.
Tej Parker : Yeah! But the car when you trade the car they don't take away half of your shit.

NATO Commander : We've got four teams on overwatch, sniper spotters in roosts north and south of the target.
Hobbs : Just keep all your man out of sight. When they drive that truck in here, I wanna come crashing down on them like the walls of Jericho!

I may not remember anything, but I know one thing about myself. Nobody makes me do anything I don't want to.

Racer : Listen up! Out here, we're used to getting what we want. This is London, baby! But remember... don't bite the bait. Are you ready?
Racer : Ready?
Letty Ortiz :Ready.
Racer :Steady?
Racer : Go!

Ian Shaw : If Ivory's dead, he made a mistake. If you make a mistake, you pay the price.
Letty Ortiz : That's a great eulogy, Shaw. You gonna give the same speech for the rest of us when we go out?

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