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Dwell into the Fast & The Furious world of street racing. Enjoy the fast-paced, tire burning, racing and heist film. Also enjoy the witty dialogue from the seventh edition of F&F series.

Directed by: James Wan
Written by: Chris Morgan Gary Scott Thompson
Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Dwayne Johnson
Released on: April 3, 2015
Taglines: One last ride

Furious 7 Quotes

Dominic Toretto. You don't know me, but you're about to.

I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that's why we were brothers - because you did too. No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or half way across the world, you'll always be with me. And you'll always be my brother.

 I don't have friends, I got family. image

I don't have friends, I got family.

One last ride. image

One last ride.

This time it ain't just about being fast. image

This time it ain't just about being fast.

You risk life and limb to save the free world, and what does it give you? Jell-o and a bad '70s TV show.

Time to unleash the beast! image

Time to unleash the beast!

Cars can't fly, Dom, cars can't fly!

They say if you want to glimpse the future, just look behind you. I used to think that was bollocks. Now I realize... you can't outrun the past. When we were kids, you'd start fights with the toughest bastards in the yard. But I was the one who had to step in and finish them. You'd steal from the corner shop, but it was me who'd brave the old man's belt. I'd hope you'd outgrown it, that playing the gangster made you harder, smarter, better. But deep down, I guess I always knew you'd end up like this, despite everything I did teach you. Still, you're my flesh and blood. So you remain my cross to bear. Rest now, little brother, while I settle you one last score.

Deckard Shaw : They say if you want to glimpse the future, just look behind you. I used to think that was bollocks. And now I realise you can't outrun the past. When we were kids, you started fights with the toughest bastards in the yard, and I was the one that to step in and finish them. Rest now, little brother, want to settle you one last score.
Deckard Shaw : Take care of my brother. Anything happens to him, I'll come back looking for you!

Hobbs : I do know you, Dom, which is why now I give you the brother to brother answer. You do whatever it is you gotta do. When you find that sumbitch, just do me one favor.
Dominic Toretto : What's that?
Hobbs : Don't miss.

Mia : Hey. You okay?
Brian O'Conner : Yeah. This guy's just, relentless.
Mia : That's why Dom needs you. You two need to find this guy and you need to stop him before he does any more damage to our family.
Brian O'Conner : I just... I've screwed up so many things. I couldn't live with myself if I screwed this up, too.
Mia : You won't. I believe in you. I believe in us. That's all that matters. I love you, Brian.
Brian O'Conner : Love you, baby.
Mia : Just promise me. After this, we're done. No more jobs, no more enemies. Come back to us.
Brian O'Conner : I won't let you down, Mia.
Mia : I know.

Brian O'Conner : I know I had a lot of them.
Brian O'Conner : I love you Mia.
Mia : Don't do that.
Brian O'Conner : Why?
Mia : The way you said it. It's like goodbye, say something else.
Brian O'Conner : Okay, kiss Jack for me.
Mia : I will.
Mia : I love you Brian.
Brian O'Conner : I love you Mia.

Mia : Brian, are you okay?
Brian O'Conner : Mia, listen to me. Something's about to go down. And if you don't hear from me in 24 hours, I need you to take Jack and move on. You understand? You understand what I'm saying?
Mia : Look, I can't do that Brian. I can't. We're going to have another baby. It's a little girl.
Mia : And she's going to need her father so you have to finish what you're doing and you have to come home to her. You have to come home to us. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, I was scared you would be disappointed with domestic life.
Brian O'Conner : You know the best decision I ever made was stepping into the store and buying that first sandwich.
Mia : It was such a bad sandwich.

Letty : Did you bring the cavalry?
Hobbs : Woman, I am the cavalry.

Letty : Would you believe I knocked him out with my charm?
Kara : You're not that charming, bitch.

Touchdown, baby!

Sean Boswell : If you get the guy who did this to Han, what are you going to do?
Dominic Toretto : Words ain't even been invented yet.

Dominic Toretto : You thought this was gonna be a street fight?
Dominic Toretto : You're goddamn right it is.

Deckard Shaw : You sure you brought enough backup?
Hobbs : They're not for me. They're protection for you from me killing your ass.
Deckard Shaw : You do know this won't hold me.
Hobbs : After you dig through 38 feet of concrete and steel, my fist and a body bag will be waiting for you on the other side. Until then, you better start digging.

Safar : You drove a car through 2 buildings.
Brian O'Conner : Actually, I think it was 3.
Safar : Oh, I'm sorry. 2 buildings, insult. 3 buildings, honor.

Roman : Promise me something, Brian. I don't wanna go to any more funerals.
Brian O'Conner : Only one more.
Brian O'Conner : His.

Thought you could leave without saying goodbye?

They say to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die, but he put you in this grave, so now I'll do the same to him.

The thing about street fights... the street always wins. image

The thing about street fights... the street always wins.

Hobbs : You sure as hell ain't the I.T. guy.
Deckard Shaw : One second...
Hobbs : You just earned yourself a dance with the devil, boy. You're under arrest.
Deckard Shaw : Like I said: I'm here for the team that crippled my brother.
Hobbs : There was no damn team. It was just one man... and he's standing right in front of you.
Deckard Shaw : The lady was right. You're a terrible liar.

Hold this.

Don't miss. image

Don't miss.

Samantha Hobbs : Dominic Toretto, right? My dad said he kicked your ass once.
Hobbs : Young lady, watch your mouth.
Dominic Toretto : Your dad's on heavy pain meds. I can understand if his history is a little hazy.

A war is coming to us whether we like it or not. If a war is coming, we're gonna face it on the streets we know best.

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