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Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: George Lucas, Bob Dolman
Starring: Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis
Released on: May 20, 1988
Taglines: A world where heroes come in all sizes and adventure is the greatest magic of all

Willow Quotes

Get your hair out of my face or I'll chop it off. image

Get your hair out of my face or I'll chop it off.

Madmartigan : Wake from this hateful sleep, it deprives me of your beauty, beauty of your eyes.
Sorsha : One move jackass, and you really will be a woman.
Madmartigan : You are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky, without you, dwell in darkness. I love you.
Sorsha : What are you doing here?
Madmartigan : Your power has enchanted me, I stand helpless against it. Come to me now, tonight let me worship you in my arms.
Sorsha : Get away from me!
Madmartigan : I love you!
Sorsha : Stop saying that!
Madmartigan : I can't stop the beating of my heart, it pounds like never before.
Sorsha : Out of fear!
Madmartigan : Out of love.
Sorsha : I can stop it. I'll kill you!
Madmartigan : Death makes the lovers trivial thing. Your touch is worth a hundred thousand deaths.

Sorsha : What are you looking at?
Madmartigan : Your leg. I'd like to break it. image

Sorsha : What are you looking at?
Madmartigan : Your leg. I'd like to break it.

Madmartigan : I love you, Sorsha!
Sorsha : Stop saying that! image

Madmartigan : I love you, Sorsha!
Sorsha : Stop saying that!

Llug : Wanna breed?
Madmartigan : Tempting... but no

Franjean : Fine, good! Then we go that way, to the lake!
Rool : That way.
Franjean : You are drunk! And when you are drunk, you forget that I am in charge!
Rool : You are in charge. Fine, then which way do we go?
Franjean , Rool : THAT WAY!
Madmartigan : Oh, NO! That's the way I'm going! All right, all right, you can follow me as far as the lake. But that's it!
Madmartigan : You're not going south, are you?

Madmartigan : What are you going to look like if this works?
Fin Raziel : Don't interrupt.
Madmartigan : Sorry.
Fin Raziel : I'm a young beautiful woman.
Madmartigan : Concentrate, Willow!

Airk : Ha ha ha! Madmartigan. What'd you do this time?
Madmartigan : Nothing you wouldn't have done in my place.
Airk : I always knew you'd end up in a crow's cage.
Madmartigan : Well, at least I'm not down there herding sheep.

Burglekutt, let me out of here. I'll take care of the baby, I swear. Just let me out of here... Please. Vohnkar, let me borrow that spear just for a minute. Well... Well at least give me some water. Burglekutt, don't leave me alone here with these two! UHH! Well that was really stupid, Peck.

Madmartigan : Let me do that. Get away, rodents!
Franjean : Take your hand off that! You leave that alone you stupid, fat Daikini!

Madmartigan : You are crawling with Brownies!

Madmartigan : Did I really... Did I really say those things, last night, in your tent?
Sorsha : You said you loved me.
Madmartigan : I don't remember that.
Sorsha : You lied to me.
Madmartigan : No, I... I just wasn't myself last night.
Sorsha : I suppose my power enchanted you and you were helpless against it.
Madmartigan : Sort of.
Sorsha : Then what?
Madmartigan : It... went away.
Sorsha : Went away? "I dwell in darkness without you" and it went away?

Willow : Elora, you don't want me.
Willow : Tell her. I'm short. Even for a Nelwyn.

Willow : Ouch! What'd you bite me for?
Fin Raziel : Three drops of your blood must be put in the potion.
Willow : Well, you could've warned me!

Fin Raziel : Patience, Willow!
Willow : Courage, Willow!

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