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Mrs. Hudson

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Mrs. Hudson is played by Una Stubbs in Sherlock.


Mrs. Hudson: ages you.
Dr. John Watson: Just trying it out.
Mrs. Hudson: Well, it ages you.

I'm the widow of a drug dealer, I own property in central London, and, for the last bloody time, John, I'm not your housekeeper.


Get out of my house. You reptile.


Mrs. Hudson: Would you like a cup of tea?
Mycroft Holmes: Thank you.
Mrs. Hudson: The kettle's over there.

A nice murder. That will cheer you up.


Mrs. Hudson: I'll make you that cuppa, you rest your leg.
Dr John Watson: Damn my leg! Sorry, I'm so sorry. It's just sometimes this bloody thing...
Mrs. Hudson: I understand, dear, I've got a hip.

Irene Adler: Mr. Holmes, if it was the end of the world, if this was the very last night, would you have dinner with me?
Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock?
Irene Adler: Too late.
Sherlock Holmes: That's not the end of the world, that's Mrs. Hudson.


Mrs. Hudson: There's another bedroom upstairs, if you'd be needing two bedrooms.
Dr John Watson: Of course we'll be needing two.
Mrs. Hudson: Oh, don't worry. There's all sorts 'round here. Mrs. Turner next door's got married ones.

Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock, this man was at the door, is the bell still not working?
Mrs. Hudson: He shot it.


DI Lestrade: There's still reporters outside.
Mrs. Hudson: They've been there all the time. I can't get rid of them. I've been rushed off my feet making tea.
DI Lestrade: Why do you make them tea?
Mrs. Hudson: I don't know. I just sort of do.


Is Molly the right person to be doing medicals? She's more used to dead people. It's bound to lower your standards.


DI Lestrade: What's he doing, do you think?
Mrs. Hudson: He says he's waiting.
DI Lestrade: For what?
Mrs. Hudson: The devil. I wouldn't be surprised. We get all sorts here.


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