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Father Janovich

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Father Janovich is played by Christopher Carley in Gran Torino.


Father Janovich: What can I do for you Walt?
Walt Kowalski: I'm here for confession.
Father Janovich: Holy Jesus, what did you do?

Father Janovich: Why didn't you call the police?
Walt Kowalski: Well you know, I prayed for them to come but nobody answered.

Walt Kowalski: I'm here for a confession.
Father Janovich: Oh, Lord Jesus what have you done?

Father Janovich: Walt Kowalski once said to me that I knew nothing about life or death, because I was an over-educated, 27-year-old virgin who held the hand of superstitious old women and promised them eternity.
Father Janovich: Walt definitely had no problem calling it like he saw it. But he was right. I knew really nothing about life or death, until I got to know Walt... and boy, did I learn.

Father Janovich: What are you gonna do, Walt?
Walt Kowalski: Whatever it is, they won't have a chance.

I know you're close to these people, but this pisses me off, Mr. Kowalski.

What is this thing called life?

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