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X-Men: First Class (2011)

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Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Written by: Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz
Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence
Released on: June 3, 2011
Taglines:Witness the moment that will change our world.

X-Men: First Class (2011) Quotes

 My fellow Mutants! The real enemy is out there. image

My fellow Mutants! The real enemy is out there.

Sebastian Shaw : Protecting your fellow mutants? That's a noble gesture. Feels good.
Sebastian Shaw : Adapt to this.

Outstanding, Erik. So we unlock your gift with anger. Anger and pain. You and me... we're going to have a lot of fun together.

Emma Frost : If that telepath gets into your head, he won't be as much fun as I am.
Sebastian Shaw : Already taken care of. The Russians made this.
Sebastian Shaw : What am I thinking?
Emma Frost : I don't know.
Sebastian Shaw : I was thinking that you're the most exquisite creature I've ever seen.
Sebastian Shaw : ...And that this needs ice.

Sebastian Shaw : I hear you blocked the proposal to position nuclear missiles in Turkey. I expect you'll reconsider.
Colonel Hendry : We've had this conversation. You put our nukes in Turkey or anywhere that close to Russia, and you're looking at war. Nuclear war.
Sebastian Shaw : I don't ask for favors, Colonel. I express my expectations. So, let me say it again. I EXPECT you'll reconsider.
Colonel Hendry : The only thing I'll reconsider is having another glass of that delicious champagne.
Emma Frost : You thinking of running? Hiding? We'd find you, Hendry. There's not a fortress in the world that could keep us out.
Sebastian Shaw : Magnificent, isn't she, Bob? Genetic mutation. The evolution of the human genome. Where's Azazel?
Sebastian Shaw : Ah, we don't want the colonel to be late.

We are the children of the atom. Radiation gave birth to mutants. What will kill the humans will only make us stronger.

Erik Lehnsherr : I know we've had our differences.
Emma Frost : Where's your telepath friend?
Erik Lehnsherr : Gone. Left a bit of a gap in my life, if I'm to be honest. I was rather hoping you would fill it. Join us.
Emma Frost : Erik, I believe.
Erik Lehnsherr : I prefer Magneto.

Raven Darkholme : Darwin's dead, Charles, and we can't even bury him.
Erik Lehnsherr : We can avenge him!

Erik Lehnsherr : "Blood and Honor" - which would you care to shed first?
1st German : We were under orders...
Erik Lehnsherr : Blood it is!

Raven Darkholme : Could you pass me my robe?
Erik Lehnsherr : You don't have to hide.
Erik Lehnsherr : Have you ever looked at a tiger and thought you ought to cover it up?
Raven Darkholme : No, but...
Erik Lehnsherr : You are an exquisite creature, Raven. All your life the world has tried to tame you. It's time for you to be free.

Erik Lehnsherr : [to Mystique] If you're using half your concentration to look normal, then you're only half paying attention to whatever else you're doing.
Erik Lehnsherr : Just pointing out something that could save your life.
Erik Lehnsherr : You want society to accept you, but you can't even accept yourself.

1st German : Who... What are you?
Erik Lehnsherr : Let's just say I'm Frankenstein's monster. And I'm looking for my creator.

Raven Darkholme : We have to call him, Havok. That's his name now. And we were thinking...
Raven Darkholme : ...you should be Professor X...
Raven Darkholme : ...and you should be Magneto.
Erik Lehnsherr : Exceptional.

Professor Charles Xavier : Shaw's declared war on mankind on all of us, he has to be stopped.
Erik Lehnsherr : I am not gonna stop Shaw, I am gonna kill him. Do you have it in you to allow that?
Erik Lehnsherr : You known all along why I was here Charles, but things have changed. What started as a covert of mission, tomorrow mankind will know mutants exist. Shaw, us, they won't differentiate. They'll fear us. And that fear will turn to hatred.
Professor Charles Xavier : Not if we stop a war, not if we can prevent Shaw, not if we risk our lives doing so.
Erik Lehnsherr : Would they do the same for us?
Professor Charles Xavier : We have it in us to be the better man.
Erik Lehnsherr : We already are! We are the next stage of human evolution, you said it yourself...
Professor Charles Xavier : No, no...
Erik Lehnsherr : Are you really so naive as to think that they won't battle their own extinction? Or is it arrogance?
Professor Charles Xavier : I am sorry.
Erik Lehnsherr : After tomorrow, they are gonna turn on us. But you are blinded because you believe they are all like Moira.
Professor Charles Xavier : And you believe they are all like Shaw.
Professor Charles Xavier : Listen to me very carefully, my friend: killing Shaw will not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr : Peace was never an option.

Erik Lehnsherr : What brings you to Argentina?
1st German : The climate. I'm a pig farmer.
2nd German : Tailor, since I was a boy. My father made the best suits in Dusseldorf.
Erik Lehnsherr : My parents came from Dusseldorf.
1st German : What was their name?
Erik Lehnsherr : They didn't have a name. It was taken from them, by pig farmers and tailors.

Charles Xavier : Mother. What are you... I thought you were a burglar.
Mrs. Xavier : I didn't mean to scare you, darling. I was just getting a snack. Go back to bed. What's the matter? Go on, back to bed.I, I'll make you a hot chocolate.
Charles Xavier : Who are you? And what have you done with my mother?
Charles Xavier : My mother has never set foot in this kitchen in her life. And she certainly never made me a hot chocolate, unless you count ordering the maid to do it.
Young Raven : You're not... scared of me?
Charles Xavier : I always knew I couldn't be the only one in the world. The only one who was different. And here you are. Charles Xavier.
Young Raven : Raven.
Charles Xavier : You're hungry and alone. Take whatever you want. We've got lots of food. You don't have to steal. In fact, you never have to steal again.

Professor Charles Xavier : Erik, don't do this! Be the better man! If you do this there will be no turning back...!
Erik Lehnsherr : Sorry Charles. It's not that I don't trust you...

Professor Charles Xavier : They're just kids...
Erik Lehnsherr : No, they WERE kids. Shaw has his army, we need ours.

Professor Charles Xavier : Ready for this?
Erik Lehnsherr : Let's find out!

Erik Lehnsherr : What an adorable lab rat you make, Charles.
Professor Charles Xavier : Don't spoil this for me, Erik.
Erik Lehnsherr : I've been a lab rat. I know when I see one

Erik Lehnsherr : You never looked better, man.
Professor Charles Xavier : Hank!
Hank McCoy : Don't mock me!
Professor Charles Xavier : Hank, put him down immediately, please. Hank! Hank!
Erik Lehnsherr : I wasn't.

Erik Lehnsherr : [Shaw's mind is frozen by Charles] If you're in there, I'd like you to know that I agree with every word you said. We are the future. But, unfortunately, you killed my mother. This is what we're gonna do.
Professor Charles Xavier : No! Please, Erik, no!
Erik Lehnsherr : I am going to count to three and I'm going to move the coin. One.
Professor Charles Xavier : Please, Erik!
Erik Lehnsherr : Two. Three.

Professor Charles Xavier : You know, I believe that true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity. Would you mind if I...
Erik Lehnsherr : What did you just do to me?
Professor Charles Xavier : I accessed the brightest corner of your memory system. It's a very beautiful memory, Erik. Thank you.
Erik Lehnsherr : I didn't know I still had that.
Professor Charles Xavier : There is so much more to you than you know. Not just pain and anger. There is good, too. I felt it. When you can access all of that, you will possess a power no one can match. Not even me.

Erik Lehnsherr : I am so sorry.
Erik Lehnsherr : YOU! You did this!
Erik Lehnsherr : I SAID BACK OFF
Professor Charles Xavier : Wait, please. She didn't do this, Erik. You did.
Erik Lehnsherr : [Erik speaks apologetically towards Charles] Us turning on each other, it's what they want. I tired to warn you, Charles. I want you by my side. We're brothers, you and I. All of together, protecting each other. We want the same thing.
Professor Charles Xavier : My friend. I'm sorry, but we do not.

Professor Charles Xavier : Erik, you said yourself we're the better men. This is the time to prove it. There are thousands of men on those ships. Good, honest, innocent men! They're just following orders.
Erik Lehnsherr : I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.

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