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The Fugitive

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Directed by: Andrew Davis
Written by: Jeb Stuart, David Twohy
Starring: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward
Released on: August 6, 1993
Taglines: A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.

The Fugitive Quotes

Bones : What ever happened with that thing about your wife?
Dr. Richard Kimble : It's not over yet. image

Bones : What ever happened with that thing about your wife?
Dr. Richard Kimble : It's not over yet.

You missed your stop. image

You missed your stop.

All right, listen up, ladies and gentlemen, our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injuries, is 4 miles per hour. That gives us a radius of six miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble. Go get him.

Look on your maps if you wanna know how to get there! image

Look on your maps if you wanna know how to get there!

Henry, Dr. Nichols lied to me. Go find him. image

Henry, Dr. Nichols lied to me. Go find him.

 Give it up. It's time to stop running. image

Give it up. It's time to stop running.

 I... don't... bargain. image

I... don't... bargain.

We're eating oranges and we're making IDs. image

We're eating oranges and we're making IDs.

Cosmo Renfro : When I die, I wanna come back just like you.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Oh, you mean happy and handsome?

Dr. Anne Eastman : Hey, Do you have a particular interest in our patient's X-Rays?
Dr. Richard Kimble : What do you mean?
Dr. Anne Eastman : I saw you looking at that boy's chest film.
Dr. Richard Kimble : It's a hobby of mine.
Dr. Anne Eastman : It's a hobby, really? What are your other hobbies - brain surgery?

Dr. Richard Kimble : Alright you guys, knock it off, there's nothing to see here and you come with me.
Helen Kimble : Excuse me
Helen Kimble : thank you, I was just down to my last joke.

Where are you Desmondo?

We got a gopher.

Marshal Biggs : Sam, are you out of your mind? He's dead.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : That ought to make him easier to catch.

My, my, my. What a mess.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : That's my man!
Det. Rosetti : Not anymore, he's not. He's going down. You don't help us, you stay the hell out!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Arrest us.

State Trooper : Hey, Doc! We're looking for a prisoner from that bus-train wreck a couple of hours ago, might be hurt.
Dr. Richard Kimble : Uh, what does he look like?
State Trooper : 6'1, 180, brown hair, brown eyes, beard. See anyone like that around?
Dr. Richard Kimble : Every time I look in the mirror, pal - except for the beard, of course!

Sheriff Rawlins : Okay boys, gather around here and listen up. We're shuttin' it down, Wyatt Earp's here to mop up.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : That's funny. "Wyatt Earp."

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Dr. Richard Kimble! There's no way out of here, Richard! The entire building is locked down! Give it up Richard, you don't have any time, Chicago police department thinks you're a cop killer, they WILL shoot you on sight!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Richard, I know you're innocent! I know about Frederick Sykes! I know about Dr. Charles Nichols! Richard, he borrowed your car the night of your wife's murder, he had your keys! No forced entry, Richard! He telephoned Sykes from your car, Richard! Richard, give it up! Richard, I'm either lying or I'm gonna shoot you, what do you think?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Give it up, Richard, it's time to stop running!

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Newman, what are you doing?
Newman : I'm thinking.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard : Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate doughnut with some of those little sprinkles on top, while you're thinking.

No kidding? Armed robbery? He's where? The Kimble character's response and ironic surprise to finding out that one of his one-armed suspects, Clyde Driscoll, has be arrested for 'armed' robbery.

Dr. Charles Nichols : You never give up, Richard, do you? You never give up!
Dr. Richard Kimble : Why Helen?

Copeland : Now you listen. I don't give a damn which way you go, just don't follow me. You got that?
Dr. Richard Kimble : Yeah.
Dr. Richard Kimble : Hey, Copeland. Be good.

Dr. Richard Kimble : Tell the attending he's got a puncture in the epigastric area.
Paramedic : How the hell could he tell that by looking at his face?

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