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The Handmaiden

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Directed by: Chan-wook Park
Written by: Sarah Waters, Seo-kyeong Jeong
Starring: Kim Min-hee, Jung-woo Ha, Cho Jin-woong
Released on: June 1, 2016
Taglines: Never did they expect to get into a controversial relationship...

The Handmaiden Quotes

The daughter of a legendary thief, who sewed winter coats out of stolen purses. Herself a thief, pickpocket, swindler. The saviour who came to tear my life apart. My Tamako. My Sookee.

You can even curse at me or steal things from me. But please don't lie to me. Understand?

My aunt said when you hear that guests will come, drop everything and go bathe the children. The guests like the smell of a clean baby. Miss, you are my baby. My aunt also said, give the babies candy when they bathe, to teach them that bath time is sweet.

I need to remind myself that I want to be rich and then travel somewhere far, eat foreign foods, buy bright shiny things and, most importantly... forget about Hideko.

Where I come from, it's illegal to be naive.

She's so naive, even if a man pulls on her nipples she won't know what he wants!

But, for sending me Sookee out of all the girls in the world, I feel 'slightly' grateful.

It would have been better if I was never born. To have never taken a breath and live.

Love. A conman like you knows what love is?

Is it stupid to love someone being someone like you?

At that moment, a drop of insanity could cause one to go completely mad. If I could drive Sasaki mad as well, then life would've been more fun.

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