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Ben Hur

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Directed by: William Wyler
Written by: Lew Wallace, Karl Tunberg
Starring: Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd
Released on: November 18, 1959
Taglines: The World's Most Honored Motion Picture

Ben Hur Quotes

In his eagerness to save you, your God has also saved the Roman fleet.

Persuade your people that their resistance to Rome is stupid. It is worse than stupid, futile!

No, it was fate that chose us to civilize the world. And we have. Our roads and ships connect every corner of the earth. Roman law, architecture, literature are the glory of the human race.

It's a Roman world. If you want to live in it, you must become part of it.

Drusus, as a boy I dreamed of commanding this garrison. And now the wheel has turned. Now, I am in command.

By condemning without hesitation an old friend, I shall be feared.

Sextus, you ask how to fight an idea. Well I'll tell you how... with another idea!

The stone that fell from this roof so long ago is still falling.

It was Judah Ben-Hur I loved. What has become of him? You seem to be now the very thing you set out to destroy. Giving evil for evil. Hatred is turning you to stone. It's as though you had become Messala.

Whoever the gods are, they take small interest in an old man's hopes.

Battle speed!... Attack speed!... Ramming speed!

Now listen to me, all of you. You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well, and live.

Judah Ben-Hur: May God grant me vengeance! I will pray that you live until I return!
Messala: Return?

Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength.

God forgive me for seeking vengeance, but my path is set. Into your hands I commit my life. Do with me as you will.

It's a strange destiny that brought me to a new life... a new home... a new father. It brought me here. It may take me away. But wherever I may be... I shall always try to wear this ring as a son of Arrius should. With gratitude and affection... and with honor.


Judah Ben-Hur: What has become of my mother and my sister?
Messala: It is not my duty to keep track of prisoners.
Judah Ben-Hur: Find them, Messala. Restore them to me and I will forget what I vowed with every stroke of that oar you chained me to.
Messala: I am not the governor of Judea. I can do nothing without Gratus' approval.
Judah Ben-Hur: Then get it! I will come back tomorrow. Don't disappoint me, Messala.
Messala: What became of them?
Drusus: It's been almost five years. Do you suppose they're still alive?
Messala: Go to the citadel, Drusus. Find out.
Drusus: And if they're dead?
Messala: They're dead!

Messala: Judah, either you help me or you oppose me, you have no other choice. You're either for me or against me!
Judah Ben-Hur: If that is the choice, then I am against you.

Judah Ben-Hur: If I cannot persuade them, that does not mean I will help you... murder them. Besides, you must understand this, Messala. I believe in the past of my people, *and* in their future.
Messala: Future? You are a conquered people!
Judah Ben-Hur: You may conquer the land; you may slaughter the people. But that is not the end. We will rise again.

Servant: For the Tribune. With the compliments of Quintus Arrius. He awaits your pleasure.
Messala: The consul here?
Servant: It is Quintus Arrius the Younger, tribune.
Messala: Thank him. Bring him to me.
Drusus: I didn't know the consul had a son.
Messala: I've heard of the young Arrius. He's a champion of the great circus. Why is he here presenting me with gifts?
Drusus: Perhaps he will race against you in the games.
Messala: Look.
Drusus: It's magnificent.
Messala: And from a man I've never met!
Judah Ben-Hur: You're wrong, Messala.

Messala: Look to the West, Judah! Don't be a fool, look to Rome!
Judah Ben-Hur: I would rather be a fool than a traitor... or a killer!
Messala: I am a soldier!
Judah Ben-Hur: Yes! Who kills! For Rome! Rome is evil!
Messala: I warn you...
Judah Ben-Hur: No! I warn you! Rome is an affront to God! Rome is strangling my people and my country, the whole Earth! But not forever. I tell you the day Rome falls there will be a shout of freedom such as the world has never heard before!

Messala: By what magic do you bear the name of a Consul of Rome?
Judah Ben-Hur: You were the magician, Messala. When my ship was sunk, I saved the Consul's life.

Doctor: We cannot wait, Tribune.
Messala: He will come.
Doctor: We cannot wait any longer, Tribune!
Messala: He will come! He will come. I have sent for him, and he will come!
Doctor: If you wish us to keep you alive, we have to go to work now, Tribune. Do you understand?
Messala: Cut the legs off me... Not yet. Not till I've seen him. I can't receive him with half a body!
Messala: NO!
Messala: I told you, Drusus; I told you! There he is.
Messala: Triumph c... triumph complete, Judah. The race won, the enemy destroyed.
Judah Ben-Hur: I see no enemy.
Messala: What do you think you see? The smashed body of a wretched animal? There's enough of a man still left here for you to hate. Let me help you.
Messala: You think they're dead, your mother and sister? Dead, and the race over? It isn't over, Judah. They're not dead.
Judah Ben-Hur: Where are they?
Judah Ben-Hur: Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY?
Messala: Look... look for them... in the Valley... of the Lepers! If you can recognize them!
Messala: It goes on. It goes on, Judah. The race... the race... is not... over!

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