Best Quotes From Squid Game Netflix Show

Check out the best quotes from Squid Game, the Korean Netflix survival drama tv show.

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Once in a while, a show launches on Netflix that shatters all previous records. In October 2021, it's a survival drama titled Squid Game incipiently shot in Korean and later dubbed in English for the international audience. The story of Squid Game revolves around 456 players putting their lives at stake to win a deadly game.

You can read the best Squid Game quotes here. With the tv show's theme revolving around life and death, principles and drama, it has quite a few life advice quotes in its script. Enjoy reading through all of them, and do share your experience watching the Netflix drama.

Squid Game Quotes

1. "I never got a chance to study, but I’m unbelievably smart!" - Han Mi-nyeo

2. "How much is the truth? And how much is a lie?" - Seong Gi-hun

3. "When we were young, we used to play like this and our moms would invite us to dinner." - Cho Sang-woo

4. "Don’t do it. That isn’t you. You’re a good person at heart." - Kang Sae-byeok

5. " I’m alive because I did my best to survive." - Cho Sang-woo

6. "You have a reason to get out of here, but I don’t." - Ji Yeong

7. "You took more from me than whatever I might possibly owe." - Kang Sae

8. "You do not trust people because they can be trusted. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on." - Seong Gi-hun

9. "This is hell. There are no rules in hell." - Jang Deok-su

10. "One of us is gonna die here, so it doesn’t matter what we tell each other. No one can really be embarrassed anymore." - Ji-yeong

11. "It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own." - Jang Deok-Su

12. "I’m good at everything except the things that I can’t do." - Han Mi-nyeo

13. "If you betray me, ‎I’ll kill you." - Han Mi-nyeo

14. "You should all be honest. You don’t want to team up with a girl." - Kang Sae-byeok

Hope you enjoyed this collection of Squid Game quotes. Stay tuned for more.

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