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Sue is played by Ahney Her in Gran Torino.


My name? It's "Take your crude, overly obvious come-on to every woman who walks past and cram it." That's my name.


Oh great, another asshole with an Asian girl fetish. God, this is getting so old.


Thug: How old are you anyway?
Sue Lor: Mentally, I'm way too old for you.


Sue Lor: There's a ton of food.
Walt Kowalski: Yeah, well just keep your hands off my dog.
Sue Lor: No worries, we only eat cats.


Walt Kowalski: I don't care about him.
Sue Lor: You hang out with him, you teach him to fix things, you saved him from that fucked cousin of ours.
Walt Kowalski: Watch your language, lady.
Sue Lor: And you're a better man to him than our own father was. You're a good man.


Hmong girls over here fit in better. The girls go to college and the boys go to jail.


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