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Scott Lang / Ant-Man

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Scott Lang / Ant-Man is played by Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).


Dr. Hank Pym : Hiya, champ, how was school today?
Scott Lang : Aw, ha ha ha! Alright, get your jokes out now, can you fix the suit?
Hope van Dyne : So cranky.
Dr. Hank Pym : You want a juice box and some string cheese?
Scott Lang : Do you really have that?

Dr. Hank Pym : Just tell me you weren't lying about the suit you took. Tell me you really destroyed it.
Scott Lang : I did. I destroyed it. I swear.
Dr. Hank Pym : I can't believe you destroyed my suit! That was my life's work.

 I do some dumb things, and the people I love the most - they pay the  image

I do some dumb things, and the people I love the most - they pay the

Work-in-progress my ass! image

Work-in-progress my ass!

Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building image

Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building

Cassie : Why can't you just leave my daddy alone?
Jimmy Woo : Oh, Cassie. This must all seem like a bunch of confusing grown-up stuff to you, huh? Well, think of it this way. Your school has rules, right? Like, you can't draw on the walls. Well your daddy went to Germany and drew on the walls with Captain America. And that was a violation of Article 16, Paragraph Three of the Sokovia Accords. Now, as a part of his joint plea deal with Homeland Security and the German government... he was allowed to return to the U.S. provided he serve two years under house arrest followed by three years of probation. And avoid any unauthorized activities, technology or contact with any former associates who were or currently are in violation of said Accords. Or any related statutes. Ok, sweetie?
Scott Lang : Wow, you're really great with kids.
Jimmy Woo : Thanks, I'm also a youth pastor.

You know, my Pap-pap always said if you wanna do something right, you make a list. So, we should do that. One, we have to break into that lab. Two, we have to kick out Foster and Ghost. Three, we have to fight Ghost. That seems like it should be part of 2. 2-A. Right? Let's call it 2-A. Fight Ghost, 2-A. Oh! Also, we have to make sure that the lab is fully grown for you to come back. Otherwise we're screwed...

Dr. Bill Foster : It's incredible. Your link to Janet. It's Quantum entanglement, between the quantum states composed of her molecules and your brains.
Scott Lang : Yeah. That's what I was thinking. Do you guys just put the word 'quantum' in front of everything?

Cassie : There! It's the microtreasure!
Scott Lang : My trophy?
Cassie : It looks like treasure.
Scott Lang : Oh, it is to me.
Cassie : I wanna take it to show and tell.
Scott Lang : Oh, you can't do that. Can't. It never leaves the house. It's too important. This is the best birthday present you ever got me. I'm so touched you think I'm the 'World's Greatest Grandma.'"
Cassie : It was the only one they had.
Scott Lang : Makes me wanna knit you a sweater.

Now, we're sure this is our shrunken building and not someone else's, right?

Now, if you just excuse me, I'm in the middle of trying to steal something with my daughter.

Cassie : Don't just stand there! Let's bounce before the po-po come back!
Scott Lang : Po-po? How do you even know that?

Dr. Hank Pym : Relax. No one's gonna recognize us.
Scott Lang : What, because of hats and sunglasses? It's not a disguise, Hank. We look like ourselves at a baseball game.

Dr. Hank Pym : Last night we powered up the tunnel for the first time. It overloaded, and it shut down. But for a split second, the doorway to the Quantum Realm was opened.
Scott Lang : And?
Hope van Dyne : And five minutes later, you called. Talking about Mom.
Dr. Hank Pym : We think when you went down there, you may have entangled with her.
Scott Lang : Hank, I would never do that. I respect you too much.
Dr. Hank Pym : Quantum entanglement, Scott.

Jimmy Woo : You got away with it this time, Scott, but I'll be seeing you again.
Scott Lang : Where?
Jimmy Woo : Huh?
Scott Lang : Where will you be seeing me again?
Jimmy Woo : Like, in general I'll see, like, the next time you... do something bad I'll be there...
Scott Lang : Oh.
Jimmy Woo : catch you.
Scott Lang : You'll be watching and...
Jimmy Woo : Yeah.
Scott Lang : I thought you were inviting me somewhere.
Jimmy Woo : Why would I do that?
Scott Lang : That's what I was wondering. Why would you do that? I...
Jimmy Woo : Like a party? Or dinner or something?
Scott Lang : I don't know, I thought you were...
Jimmy Woo : No, I meant...
Scott Lang : ...planning the evening.
Jimmy Woo : No, I meant to, like, arrest you.
Scott Lang : No, that'd be a little strange.
Jimmy Woo : Like, I'll arrest you later again.
Scott Lang : Take it easy.
Jimmy Woo : Okay.
Jimmy Woo : Did you want to grab dinner or something? Because, I mean -
Jimmy Woo : Because I'm free...

Dr. Bill Foster : I was partners with Hank on a project called Goliath.
Dr. Hank Pym : Excuse me? You were my partner?
Dr. Bill Foster : The only thing more tiring than going big was putting up with Hank's bullshit.
Scott Lang : Right... I don't know. How big did you get?
Dr. Bill Foster : My record? 21 feet.
Scott Lang : Not bad.
Dr. Bill Foster : You?
Scott Lang : I don't...
Dr. Bill Foster : No, really. I'm curious.
Scott Lang : 65 feet. Yeah.
Dr. Bill Foster : Whoa! Huge.
Scott Lang : 65.
Hope van Dyne : If you two are finished comparing sizes... we need to figure a way to track down the lab.

Scott Lang : Hello? Ha-ha, very funny. Hank, quit screwing around. You told me yourself, not screw around.
Scott Lang : Hank? Hope? Janet? Guys... Guys? Be seriously, don't joke around! Bring me up, let's go! GUYS!

Scott Lang : How did he even have time to buy a ticket?
Scott Lang : Won't you just, one time, please, work!
Scott Lang : Yes! Oh, alright, I need help. Yes!
Scott Lang : Oh... sorry.
Scott Lang : Hey! Come on, man! Not
Scott Lang : Murderers!
Scott Lang : Yes! I'm gonna call you ANT-onio Banderas!
Scott Lang : No, no!
Scott Lang : ANT-onio!

Scott Lang : Hold on, you gave her wings?
Dr. Hank Pym : And blasters.
Scott Lang : Wings and blasters. So I take it you didn't have that tech available for me.
Dr. Hank Pym : No, I did.

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