Castle quotes

Richard Castle: Reading the paper? You are gonna lose all of your wired-teen-hyper-texting-nano-gizmo street cred.
Alexis Castle: I'm a rebel. I kick it old school.
Richard Castle: Is this...
Alexis Castle: Cream, two sugars.
Richard Castle: Thanks. Style section. Anything I need to know?
Alexis Castle: The '70s are back.
Richard Castle: Hmm. They're like the Highlander, they just won't die.
Richard Castle: Morning, Mother. You're dressed early.
Martha Rodgers: Ah! I have class.
Richard Castle: I believe that's a matter of some debate.
Martha Rodgers: At the New School, funny man. Look, it's-it's not that I don't appreciate everything you've done, but a girl has to stand on her own two feet.
Richard Castle: What's the class?
Alexis Castle: "Introduction To Life Coaching". It's-It's always been my desire to make a difference, whether on stage or off. And, I'... have had cards made.
Richard Castle: That's my I... you've... It says here, I'm your client.
Martha Rodgers: Well, of course you are. Haven't I been telling you what to do your whole life?
Alexis Castle: Oh, uh, Dad, Julie Schmidt's father's back in rehab, so a spot opened to chaperone the D.C. trip.
Richard Castle: Where is the... How did you know Julie's dad was back in rehab?
Alexis Castle: Must be a wired-teen-hyper-nano thing. So what do you say?
Richard Castle: Sorry, kiddo, but, uh, with you away, my chaperoning needs reside here. Or are you forgetting what happened the last time we left her alone?
Alexis Castle: So she... had a little party.
Richard Castle: There were lime shards embedded in the walls.
Martha Rodgers: It was Cinco de Mayo.
Alexis Castle: Exactly.
Richard Castle: I hear dead people.
Richard Castle: Who was murdered, and was it gruesome?