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Nicky Parsons

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Nicky Parsons is played by Julia Stiles in Jason Bourne (2016).


Jason Bourne : I know who I am. I remember everything.
Nicky Parsons : Remembering everything doesn't mean you know everything.

Jason Bourne : I told you, Christian Dassault is going to get you killed.
Nicky Parsons : We don't have a choice, Jason. It started again. A new program. Iron Hand. It's even worse than before.
Jason Bourne : What's that got to do with me?
Nicky Parsons : Because it matters. It matters.
Jason Bourne : Not to me, it doesn't. All that matters is staying alive. You get off the grid, survive.
Nicky Parsons : I don't believe that and neither do you. Look at yourself. Look at what you're doing. You can't live like this for much longer.

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