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James Bond

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James Bond is played by Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (2008).


 They say you're judged by the strength of your enemies. image

They say you're judged by the strength of your enemies.


 Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet. image

Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet.


 I don't think the dead care about vengeance. image

I don't think the dead care about vengeance.


 Don't bleed to death. image

Don't bleed to death.


James Bond : Sit do
James Bond : You're Canadian...? You work in Canadian intelligence?
James Bond : That's all right... I know you do. And knowing this man, you likely have access to some very sensitive material that you're going to be forced to give up. His life will be threatened... and because you love him, you won't hesitate.
James Bond : That's a beautiful necklace. Did he give it to you?
James Bond : I have one just like it. He gave it to a friend of mine... someone very close to me. Your name is...?
Corinne : Corinne.
James Bond : Corinne... Corinne, I suggest you leave now. You contact your people, and you tell them to check their seals. They have a leak. Do it now, please. This man and I have some unfinished business.
Corinne : Thank you.
Yusef : Please. Make it quick.


James Bond : What are we doing?
Strawberry Fields : We're teachers on sabbatical. This fits our cover.
James Bond : No it doesn't. I'd rather stay at a morgue. Come on.
James Bond : [to the hotel receptionist] Hello. We're teachers on sabbatical and we've just won the lottery.


James Bond : You know I was just wondering what South America would look like if nobody gave a damn about coke or communism. It always impressed me the way you boys would carve this place up.
Felix Leiter : I'll take that as a compliment coming from a Brit.


James Bond : I bet you make it 20 miles before you consider drinking that.
James Bond : Goodbye, Mr. Greene.


James Bond : How long have I got?
Felix Leiter : Thirty seconds.
James Bond : That doesn't give us a lot of time...


Have you ever killed someone? - - The training will tell you that when the adrenaline kicks in you should compensate. But, part of you's not going to believe the training; because, this kill is personal. Take a deep breath. You only nee one shot. Make it count.


James Bond : Are you going to tell us who you work for?
Mr. White : I was always very interested to meet you. I heard so much about you from Vesper. The real shame is, if she hadn't killed herself we would've had you too


You and I had a mutual friend!


I think I found a way out.


James Bond : Are you sure you're playing with the right side?
Felix Leiter : Regimes change once a week down here.


James Bond : That's what I like about US intelligence. You'll lie down with anybody.
Felix Leiter : Including you, brother. Including you.


Do you know you're being played?


Its time to get out.


Camille : So, what's your interest in Greene?
James Bond : Among other things, he tried to kill a friend of mine.
Camille : A woman?
James Bond : Yes. But it's not what you think.
Camille : Your mother?
James Bond : She likes to think so.


Camille : You lost somebody?
James Bond : I did.
Camille : You catch who ever did it?
James Bond : No, not yet.
Camille : Tell me when you do, I'd like to know how it feels...


Camille : Friend of yours?
James Bond : I don't have any friends.


Camille : How much did he want?
James Bond : He wanted you but I left the car as collateral. He'll get much more when he sells us out.


There is something horribly efficient about you.


Camille : You're late!
James Bond : Got pulled into a meeting.


Camille : So, its British Intelligence now. What the hell do you want from me?
James Bond : You're going to show me Dominic Greene's Tierra Project. Are you up to it?
Camille : Do I have a choice?
James Bond : Do you want one?


Camille : Get in.
James Bond : You gonna try and shoot me?
Camille : I said, get in.


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