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Tajômaru is played by Toshirô Mifune in Rashomon.


I saw the couple three days ago. It was a hot afternoon. Suddenly a cool breeze rustle the leaves. If it hadn't been for that wind, I wouldn't have killed him.


She became very pale and stared at me as though her eyes were frozen. She looked like a child when it turns suddenly serious. The sight of her made me jealous of that man. I started to hate him. I wanted to show her what he looked like, all tied up like that. I hadn't even thought of a thing like that before, but now I did.


I had never seen such fierceness in a woman.


I already had you, but I only want you more. It's very hard. I beg you to be my wife.


I thought I saw a goddess. At that moment I decided to have her, even if I had to kill her man. But if I could have her without killing, all the better.


Here, take it. Look at it. Near here I found this old tomb with things like this in it. I broke it open and inside I found swords, daggers, mirrors... I buried them all here in the woods and no one but me knows where. But if you're interested I might sell some of them to you cheap.


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