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Stoick is played by Gerard Butler in How to Train Your Dragon (2010).


Stoick : Oh, son... I did this.
Stoick : I'm s... I'm so sorry.
Stoick : Hiccup!
Stoick : Ah, he's alive! You brought him back alive!


Stoick : Your mother would have wanted you to have it. It's half of her breastplate.
Stoick : Matching set. Keeps her... keeps her close, you know.


Stoick : Well, I can show my face in public again! If someone told me that in a few short weeks, Hiccup would go from, well, being, uh... Hiccup, to placing first in dragon training? Well, I would have tied him to a mast and shipped him off, for fear he'd gone mad!
Stoick : And you know it! But, here we are. And no one's more surprised... or more proud, than I am. Today, my boy becomes a Viking. Today, he becomes one of us!


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