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Shen is played by Gary Oldman in Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011).


Soothsayer : I see... I see... pain. image

Soothsayer : I see... I see... pain.


[plucks out some of Shen's feathers]  image

[plucks out some of Shen's feathers]


Shen : OW! image

Shen : OW!


Soothsayer : And anger. image

Soothsayer : And anger.


Soothsayer : If you continue on your current path, you will find yourself... at the bottom of the stairs.
Soothsayer : I see... I see... I see, pain!
Shen : Ow!
Soothsayer : And anger!
Shen : How dare you! This is the finest silk in the province!


[chews on the hem of his robe]


Shen : How dare you! That is the finest silk in the province!


Soothsayer : Followed by denial.
Shen : This is not fortune-telling, you're just saying what's happening right...!
Soothsayer : Now?
Soothsayer : The most important time, is now.


Soothsayer : A peacock... is defeated by a warrior of black and white. Nothing has changed.
Shen : That is impossible, and you know it.
Soothsayer : It is not impossible, and he knows it.
Shen : Who?
Wolf Boss : Lord Shen, I saw a panda!
Shen : A panda?
Wolf Boss : A kung fu warrior! He fought like a demon! Big and furry, soft and squishy... kind of plush and cuddly.


How many times do I have to kill the same stinking panda?


Shen : So, one panda lives. That does not make you right.
Soothsayer : You're right. Being right makes me right.
Shen : Then I will kill him, and make you wrong!


Shen : Why don't you tell me my...
Soothsayer : Fortune?
Shen : The future. I was going to say "future."


Will you stop that?


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