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Salvy is played by Frank Vincent in Raging Bull.


Jake La Motta: [talks about Janiro] I'm gonna open his hole like this. Please excuse my French. I'm gonna make him suffer. I'm gonna make his mother wish she never had him - make him into dog meat... He's a nice, a nice kid. He's a pretty kid, too. I mean I don't know, I gotta problem if I should fuck him or fight him.
Tommy Como: You're crazy. Fuck him or fight him.
Salvy Batts: If you're really in love with that fucker, just watch out.
Jake La Motta: By who?
Salvy Batts: Janiro.
Jake La Motta: You mean, you want me to get him to fuck you?
Salvy Batts: Me?
Jake La Motta: Yeah.
Salvy Batts: No, I don't want him to fuck me.
Jake La Motta: I could do that easily.
Salvy Batts: How ya gonna do that?
Jake La Motta: Because I'll get youse both in a ring, I'll give youse both a fuckin' beatin', ya both can fuck each other.
Salvy Batts: I get all full of blood.
Jake La Motta: You're used to that.


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