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Richard Croft

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Richard Croft is played by Dominic West in Tomb Raider.


Daddy loves you. image

Daddy loves you.


All myths are foundations of reality. image

All myths are foundations of reality.


May 17th, 2009. Further research on Himiko. According to legend, Himiko, the first queen of Japan was a powerful sorceress who ruled the empire through dark magic. Spreading death and destruction by the mere touch of her hand. She was only stopped by a single twist of fate. An army of her own generals bound and dragged Himiko to an uninhabitable island in the middle of the treacherous Devil's Sea. There she remains entombed beneath the mountains. I found a spec, on an old map that no one else has. And she is there. Waiting to be unleashed. I have to get there first. Even if it means doing the last thing I'd ever want to do. Leaving my Lara behind.


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