Arrow quotes

Felicity Smoak: This is so completely unfair.
John Diggle: Yeah, seems to be a lot of that going around lately. So, you got Oliver's girlfriend fired?
Felicity Smoak: He told you? Of course he told you. Well, did he also tell you it was a mistake? I mean, on my part at least.
John Diggle: Felicity...
Felicity Smoak: I'm putting the toothpaste back in the tube, okay?
John Diggle: And how is that going?
Felicity Smoak: Well...
John Diggle: Felicity, what's going on with you?
Felicity Smoak: What do you mean?
John Diggle: This week it was Oliver's girlfriend. Last month, he tells me you're getting involved in some stuff you shouldn't be involved in?
Felicity Smoak: Well, that is a matter of perspective considering that that "stuff" helped get *you* out of prison, and General Walker's gunsights.
John Diggle: What're you talking about?
John Diggle: [Felicity opens up Pandora files] Pandora?
Felicity Smoak: It's a data cache compiled by a group of hacktivists called Helix. They collect electronic dirt on literally billions of people, including General Walker, so when I asked for it to get you off, they... That's a bad choice of words... They gave me the whole package.
John Diggle: And you're still in bed with these people?
Felicity Smoak: What? You make it sound like it's a bad thing. Pandora's just a tool.
John Diggle: Sounds to me like this could be a weapon.
Felicity Smoak: Okay, and is there a problem if it is?
John Diggle: It depends, Felicity.
Felicity Smoak: On what?
John Diggle: On how you use it.