The Boss quotes

Claire : Michelle, you gotta get out of the bathroom. I'm already late for work and Rachel's gonna be late for school.
Michelle Darnell : Well, I'm going as fast as I can. You're welcome to come in.
Claire : [Opening the door to find Michelle applying self-tanning spray] Fine, but we gotta get on the schedule if you're gonna be here. Oh, my God! Close your robe!
Michelle Darnell : No, absolutely not! I'm self-tanning and my legs are still wet.
Claire : I can see your vagina.
Michelle Darnell : Well, congratulations and you're welcome. You know, I had it rejuvenated in 2010. They called it a vaguvenation. You know, it's like a soft silk coin purse.
Michelle Darnell : I can barely urinate.
Claire : Oh, my God.
Michelle Darnell : Now, do me a favor and tell me if I have any streaks on my hamstrings.
Claire : Oh, my God! Put it away!
Michelle Darnell : Huh!
Claire : Put it away!
Rachel : Whoa!
Michelle Darnell : Hi, Racquel.
Rachel : It's Rachel!
Claire : Go grab your backpack, honey. We don't need to brush our teeth today. Our teeth are fine.
Claire : . You need to wipe some of that off your face. You know, it dries darker.
Michelle Darnell : No. Does it?
Claire : Yes.
Michelle Darnell : That's not what the bottle says.
Michelle Darnell : Oh. Oh, it's okay. It's coming off like a dream on your towel.
Claire : You need to clean up the bathroom and... consider staying away from self-tanner altogether. Your... pelvic region is the color of curry.
Michelle Darnell : Namaste, Claire. Thank you.
Claire : That's not a compliment.