Riverdale quotes

Jughead Jones: Breaking news, everybody. So the University of Iowa has one of the best writing programs in the country. I applied for spring, but they told me they could take me as early as fall.
Archie Andrews: You're a good writer, bro.
Cheryl Blossom: Wait, so this acceptance is conditional?
Jughead Jones: Yeah, They require additional materials, which means I need another story. But this could be my redemption after that whole Stonewall hell. The only problem is the well of my creative unconscious is tapped out.
Betty Cooper: Well, you can write a monster story about Mr. Honey.
Betty Cooper: I am proud of you though, Jug.
Jughead Jones: What did he do?
Betty Cooper: Honey is refusing to publish the yearbook. Our legacy. The written record of our last four years. Our friendships, our loves, clubs, dances.
Veronica Lodge: Bee, if it's about money, I'm happy to help pay for the printing.
Betty Cooper: Thank you, Vee, but it's... the principal of it. Mr. Honey has been on our case since day one. Do you remember when he threatened us on our first day back? And how many of us are already banned from going to prom?
Kevin Keller: Fangs, Reggie, Toni and I are all banned because of Ticklegate.
Betty Cooper: And I'm out because of that bogus quiz show cheating scandal.
Cheryl Blossom: Lest we not forget my transcendent rendition of Cherry Bomb, which got Veronica, the Vixens and myself barred from the promenade.
Betty Cooper: So, literally the only people going to prom are...
Archie Andrews: You wanna go to prom with me, Jug?
Jughead Jones: Oh, I'd be honored. But I'm not putting out.
Kevin Keller: Let the fan fiction begin.