Gossip Girl quotes

Chuck Bass: You're lying.
Russell Thorpe: No. Belive me, I wish I was. Because of your late, ruthless, cold-blooded father, my wife is dead.
Chuck Bass: I confronted my father three years ago about the fire when he was alive. He admitted that a security guard died in that factory warehouse fire and that Bart personally compensated the man's wife and family.
Russell Thorpe: Why do you think the security guard was inside the building? He was trying to save my wife. Two weeks before she died, she confided in me that she suspected that Bart Bass was plotting to set one of his own warehouses on fire in order to burn it down since it was only making a moderate profit than a huge profit, and that way he could not only collect a large insurance settlement but also get much more in government tax write-offs. Now do you see the reason of my vendetta against your father? My resolve to destroy his company? No one knows the truth, not even Raina. She thinks her mother left her when she was 10 for another man and that she lives somewhere in Europe under a false name.
Chuck Bass: You blame my father for your wife's death in a fire that was purely an accident. You'd say anything to hurt my father's memory.
Russell Thorpe: Perhaps. But I think you know your father well enough to belive that he was very capable of taking a life... commiting murder for business sake. Well... I'll be leaving back for Chicago tonight. I hope your stepmother enjoys rotting in prison to protect the legacy of the late great Bart Bass.