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Logan is played by Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).


Use your power. Bring the X-Men together. Guide us, lead us... image

Use your power. Bring the X-Men together. Guide us, lead us...


"You want to pick that shit up?"


Logan : Here's how this is going to play out, you're going to give me your keys and cash for gas.
Pinstripe Mafioso : Why, because you're from the future?
Logan : No, because of THESE.


So, you always were an asshole. image

So, you always were an asshole.


Logan : We need your help, Peter.
Pietro Maximoff : With what?
Logan : Breaking into a highly secured facility and get someone out.
Pietro Maximoff : Prison break? That's illegal, you know?
Logan :Only if you get caught.


Hank McCoy : I probably shouldn't be asking this sort of thing... but in the future, do I make it?
Logan : No.
Logan : But we can change that, right?


Peter's Little Sister : I'm a princess. What are you?
Logan : I'm the Wolverine.
Logan :Where's your brother?
Ms. Maximoff : Go upstairs and bug your sister.
Peter's Little Sister : But she bugs me!


Logan : So I wake up in my younger body, God knows where, and then what?
Professor X : You'll need to go to my house and find me. Convince me of all this.
Logan : Won't you be able to read my mind?
Professor X : I didn't have my powers in 1973. Logan, you're going to have to do for me what I once did for you: lead me, guide me. I was a very different man then. You'll have to be patient with me.
Logan : Patience isn't my strongest suit.
Magneto : You'll need me as well.
Logan : What?
Magneto : After Mystique left Charles, she came with me, and I set her on a dangerous path, a darker path. It's going to take the two of us, side by side at a time when we couldn't be further apart.
Logan : Great. So where do I find you?
Magneto : Well, it's complicated...


Logan : I know a guy. He can get into anywhere.
Hank McCoy : A teleporter?
Logan : No, he's just fast.


Professor X : What's the last thing you remember?
Logan : Drowning...


Logan : What happened to the School?
Hank McCoy : It's been shut for years. Are you a parent?
Logan :I sure as hell hope not! Who are you?
Hank McCoy : I'm Hank, Hank McCoy. I look after the house now.
Logan : You're Beast? Look at you. I guess you're a late bloomer.
Hank McCoy : I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Logan : So where's the Professor?
Hank McCoy : There's no Professor here!
Logan : You're pretty strong for a scrawny kid. Come on, sure there's not a little Beast in there?
Hank McCoy : No! He's not here!
Logan : Come on, Beast. Come on, Beastie...
Hank McCoy : No!


Professor X : Logan, don't you have a class to teach?
Logan : A class... to... teach?
Professor X : Aye, history.
Logan : History... Well, actually I could use some help with that.
Professor X : Help with what?
Logan : Pretty much everything since 1973.
Logan : I think the history I know is a little bit different.
Professor X : Welcome back.
Logan : It's good to see you, Charles. It's good to see all of you.
Professor X : Well, I had a promise to keep. You and I have a lot of catching up to do.


In the beginning the Sentinels were just targeting mutants. Then they began to identify the genetics in non-mutants who'd eventually have mutant children or grandchildren, and they started targeting everyone. Many of the humans tried to help us, it was a slaughter... leaving only the worst of humanity in charge. I've been in a lot of wars, I've never seen anything like this. And it all starts with her.


Hank McCoy : I rigged up this communications device to allow us to see all the networks America is airing!
Logan : Wow, all three networks.
Hank McCoy : And PBS!


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