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Lady Honoria Lyndon

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Lady Honoria Lyndon is played by Marisa Berenson in Barry Lyndon.


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Lord Bullingdon, have you lost your tongue?

Lord Bullingdon: Don't you think he fits my shoes very well Your Ladyship?
Lord Bullingdon: Dear child, what a pity it is I am not dead, for your sake. The Lyndons would then have a worthy representative and enjoy all the benefits of the illustrious blood of the Barrys of Barryville. Would they not... Mr. Redmond Barry?
Lady Lyndon: From the way I love this child, my lord, you ought to know how I would have loved his elder brother had he proved worthy of any mother's affection.
Lord Bullingdon: Madam! I have born as long as mortal could endure the ill-treatment of the insolent Irish upstart whom you've taken into your bed. It is not only the lowness of his birth and the general brutality of his manners which disgusts me, but the shameful nature of his conduct towards Your Ladyship. His brutal and ungentleman-like behavior, his open infidelity, his shameless robberies and swindling of my property, and yours. And as I cannot personally chastise this lowbred ruffian, and as I cannot bear to witness any more his treatment of you and loathe his horrible society as if it were the plague! I have decided to leave my home and never return, at least during his detested life or during my own.

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