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King Leonidas

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King Leonidas is played by Gerard Butler in 300.


 My Queen! My wife. My love... image

My Queen! My wife. My love...


You there, Ephialtes. May you live forever. image

You there, Ephialtes. May you live forever.


Persian cowards. image

Persian cowards.


Messenger : Choose your next words carefully, Leonidas. They may be your last as king.
King Leonidas : "Earth and water"?
Messenger : Madman! You're a madman!
King Leonidas : Earth and water? You'll find plenty of both down there.
Messenger : No man, Persian or Greek, no man threatens a messenger!
King Leonidas : You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city steps. You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same!
Messenger : This is blasphemy! This is madness!
King Leonidas : Madness..
King Leonidas : This is Sparta!


Stelios : It's an honor to die at your side.
King Leonidas : It's an honor to have lived at yours.


You have many slaves, Xerxes, but few warriors. It won't be long before they fear my spears more than your whips.


Children, gather round! No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by Spartan law we will stand and fight... and die. A new age has begun. An age of freedom, and all will know, that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!


King Leonidas : This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they die!
Captain : Earn these shields, boys!
KingLeonidas : Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time.


King Leonidas : Captain, I leave you in charge.
Captain : But, sire...
King Leonidas : Relax, old friend. If they assassinate me, all of Sparta goes to war. Pray they're that stupid. Pray we're that lucky.
King Leonidas : Besides, there's no reason we can't be civil, is there?
Captain : None, sire.


King Leonidas : NO MERCY!

King Leonidas : My heart is broken for your loss.
Captain : Heart? I have filled my heart with hate.
King Leonidas : Good.

Captain : They look thirsty!
King Leonidas : Well, let's give them something to drink! To the cliffs!

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