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Jöns, squire

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Jöns, squire is played by Gunnar Björnstrand in The Seventh Seal.


Here's squire Jöns. He grins at Death, scoff at the Lord, laughs at himself, and leers at the girls. His world exists only for himself. Absurd to all, even to himself. Meaningless to heaven, and of no interest to hell.


Mia: One day is like another. There's nothing strange about that. Summer is better than Winter, of course, because you aren't cold. But, Spring is best of all.
Jof: I wrote a song about Spring. Would you like to hear it?
Mia: Not now, Jof. Our guests may not care for your songs.
Jöns, squire: By all means. I write songs myself.
Jof: You see?
Jöns, squire: I know one about a wanton fish I'm sure you've never heard.


Mia: Don't move. Don't speak.
Jof: I'm as silent as a grave.


Mia: Who did you see?
Jof: The Virgin Mary.
Mia: Did you really see her?
Jof: She was so close I could have touched her. She wore a golden crown and a blue robe with golden flowers. She was barefoot, and in her little brown hands she was holding the Child and teaching Him to walk. When she saw me, she smiled. My eyes filled with tears, and when I wiped them away, she was gone. And there was a great stillness everywhere, in heaven and on earth. You understand?
Mia: The things you imagine.
Jof: You don't believe me, but it's true. It's not the reality you see, but another kind.


Jof: I see them, Mia! I see them! Over there against the dark, stormy sky. They are all there. The smith and Lisa and the knight and Raval and Jöns and Skat. And Death, the severe master, invites them to dance. He tells them to hold each other's hands and then they must tread the dance in a long row. And first goes the master with his scythe and hourglass, but Skat dangles at the end with his lyre. They dance away from the dawn and it's a solemn dance towards the dark lands, while the rain washes their faces and cleans the salt of the tears from their cheeks.
Mia: You with your visions and dreams.


And the strict lord Death bids them to dance.


Farewell, my sweet. I could have raped you, but I've grown tired of that kind of love. It's a little dull in the end.


I'm a married man, but I expect my wife is dead by now.


Between a strumpet's legs I lie, That's the place for such as I, The Lord is up above, you know, But Satan finds us here below.


It's not my fault if I hear voices and see the Virgin, and if angels and devils like my company.


Lord, why did you create women?


Love is the blackest of all plagues... if one could die of it, there would be some pleasure in love, but you don't die of it.


The actor plays on the emotions. That's half the battle.


Is this what we offer to modern men's minds? Do they really believe we will take all of this seriously?


Do you have any brandy? I've had nothing but water. It's made me as thirsty as a camel in the desert.


It's hell with women, and hell without. Best to kill them all while the fun lasts.


Between a scarlet woman's knees, a man like me can take his ease.


Our crusade was such madness that only a real idealist could have thought it up.


Only fools die of love.


Love is nothing but lust and cheating and lies.


But feel, to the very end, the triumph of being alive!


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