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Jim Phelps

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Jim Phelps is played by Jon Voight in Mission: Impossible (1996).


Jim Phelps : Of course he knew. Just *when* he knew is something of a mystery. You mind telling me, Ethan? Was it before or after I showed up in London?
Ethan Hunt : Before London. But after you took the Bible from the Drake Hotel in Chicago.
Jim Phelps : They stamped it, didn't they? Those damn Gideons.


Ethan Hunt : Why Jim? Why?
Jim Phelps : Well, you think about it Ethan, it was inevitable. No more cold war. No more secrets you keep from yourself. Answer to no one but yourself. Then, you wake up one morning and find out the President is running the country without your permission. The son of a bitch, how dare he. Then you realize, it's over. You are an obsolete peice of hardware, not worth upgrading, you got a lousy marriage, and 62 grand a year.


Jim Phelps : We're being ambushed Ethan. Abort! That's an order.
Ethan Hunt : Negative. Golitsyn is on the move.
Jim Phelps : No, dammit, I said abort!
Ethan Hunt : Eye on the package. Jim, I'm Coming.


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