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General Allenby

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General Allenby is played by Jack Hawkins in Lawrence of Arabia.


General Allenby: I've got orders to obey, thank God. Not like that poor devil. He's riding the whirlwind.
Mr. Dryden: Let's hope we're not.

T.E. Lawrence: I killed two people. One was... yesterday? He was just a boy and I led him into quicksand. The other was... well, before Aqaba. I had to execute him with my pistol, and there was something about it that I didn't like.
General Allenby: That's to be expected.
T.E. Lawrence: No, something else.
General Allenby: Well, then let it be a lesson.
T.E. Lawrence: No... something else.
General Allenby: What then?
T.E. Lawrence: I enjoyed it.

Colonel Brighton: Look, sir, we can't just do nothing.
General Allenby: Why not? It's usually best.

General Allenby: I thought I was a hard man, sir.
Prince Feisal: You are merely a general. I must be a king.

General Allenby: You acted without orders, you know.
T.E. Lawrence: Shouldn't officers use their initiative at all times?
General Allenby: Not really. It's awfully dangerous.

Undisciplined... unpunctual... untidy. Knowledge of music... knowledge of literature... knowledge of... knowledge of... you're an interesting man there's no doubt about it.

Prince Feisal: My friend Lawrence, if I may call him that. "My friend Lawrence". How many men will claim the right to use that phrase? How proudly! He longs for the greenness of his native land. He pines for the Gothic cottages of Surrey, is it not? Already in imagination, he catches trout and engages in all the activities of the English gentleman.
General Allenby: That's me you're describing, sir, not Colonel Lawrence.

General Allenby: I believe your name will be a household word when you'll have to go to the War Museum to find who Allenby was. You're the most extraordinary man I've ever met!
T.E. Lawrence: Leave me alone!
General Allenby: What?
T.E. Lawrence: Leave me alone!
General Allenby: Well, that's a feeble thing to say.
T.E. Lawrence: I know I'm not ordinary.
General Allenby: That's not what I'm saying...
T.E. Lawrence: All right! I'm extraordinary! What of it?

Mr. Dryden: Well. It seems we're to have a British waterworks with an Arab flag on it. Do you think it was worth it?
General Allenby: Not my business. Thank God I'm a soldier.
Mr. Dryden: Yes, sir. So you keep saying.

General Allenby: I fight like Clausewitz, then you fight like Saxe!
T.E. Lawrence: We should do very well, then, shouldn't we?

General Allenby: I'm promoting you Major.
T.E. Lawrence: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Prince Feisal: Ah yes, then Lawrence is a sword with two edges... we are equally glad to be rid of him are we not?
General Allenby: I thought I was a hard man, sir.
Prince Feisal: You are merely a General... I must be a king.

General Allenby: Not many people have a destiny Lawrence. It's a terrible thing for a man to funk it if he has.
T.E. Lawrence: You're speaking from experience?
General Allenby: No.
T.E. Lawrence: You're guessing then.

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