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Erik Lehnsherr

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Erik Lehnsherr is played by Ian McKellen in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).


Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live.

In chess, the pawns go first. image

In chess, the pawns go first.

Charles always wanted to build bridges... image

Charles always wanted to build bridges...

 Such a shame. She was so beautiful. image

Such a shame. She was so beautiful.

  Traitors to their own cause... image

Traitors to their own cause...

 In a game of chess the pawns go first. image

In a game of chess the pawns go first.

Mutant Theatre Organizer : This cure is voluntary. Nobody's is talking about extermination.
Eric Lensherr : No one ever talks about it. They just do it. And you go on with your lives, ignoring the signs all around you. And then, one day, when the air is still and the night has fallen, they come for you.
Mutant Theatre Organizer : Excuse me, but...
Eric Lensherr : It's only that you realize, while you were talking about organizing and committees, the extermination has already begun. Make no mistake, my brothers. They will draw first blood. They will force their cure upon us. The only question is, will my brotherhood and fight, or wait for the inevitable genocide? Who will you stand with - the humans... or us?


Raven Darkholme : Eric?
Eric Lensherr : I'm sorry, my dear. You're not one of us anymore.


Cain Marko : How we supposed to get there? Cause I don't swim.
Eric Lensherr : I think I can take care of that...


John Allerdyce : Now, check this out. "Prisoner must be confined at all times. If he builds any momentum, no object can stop him."
Eric Lensherr : How fascinating. And what do they call you?
Cain Marko : Juggernaut.
Eric Lensherr : I can't imagine why.


Eric Lensherr : Humans and their guns...
Eric Lensherr : Plastic. They've learnt.


Eric Lensherr : They wish to cure us. But I say to you, WE are the cure! The cure for that infirm, imperfect condition called "Homo sapiens"! They have their weapons...
Eric Lensherr : ... we have ours. We will strike with a vengeance and a fury that this world has never witnessed! And if any mutants stand in our way, we will use this poison against them! We shall go to Alcatraz Island, take control of the cure, and destroy its source! And then, nothing can stop us!


Raven Darkholme : About time
Eric Lensherr : I've been busy. Did you find what you were looking for?
Raven Darkholme : The source of the cure is a mutant, a child at Worthington Labs. Without him, they have nothing.
Eric Lensherr : Read off the guest list.


Callisto : I just sensed a mutant, off the charts. Whoever it is, they're more powerful than even you are...
Eric Lensherr : Where is she?


John Allerdyce : Multiple Man, he robbed 7 banks... at once
Eric Lensherr : Impressive. I could use a man of your talents


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