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Dr. Evald Borg

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Dr. Evald Borg is played by Gunnar Björnstrand in Wild Strawberries.


Dr. Evald Borg: It's absurd to bring children into this world and think they'll be better off than we were.
Marianne Borg: That's just an excuse.
Dr. Evald Borg: Call it what you want. I was an unwanted child in a hellish marriage.

Marianne Borg: I know that this is wrong.
Dr. Evald Borg: There's neither right nor wrong. We act according to our needs.

Marianne Borg: You're a coward.
Dr. Evald Borg: Yes. This life sickens me. I will not be forced to take on a responsibility that will make me live for one day longer than I want to. And you know that I mean what I say.

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