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Charles Hayward

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Charles Hayward is played by Max Irons in Crooked House.


They do share one or two traits. Vanity. A distorted morality. A lack of empathy. And murderers tend to feel that they are above the rules and laws that govern ordinary mortals.

You know, Josephine the first round of interrogation is not so much about finding clues as it is about getting a sense of who you're dealing with.


Charles Hayward : Now, your grandfather has just died.
Eustace : A good thing, really. It's one less capitalist.


Chief Inspector Taverner : Charles, you have to understand, I'm under a lot of pressure here. There's politics involved here. It's sensitive. And with your past...
Charles Hayward : I'm sorry? My past? In Cairo. I was a diplomat.
Chief Inspector Taverner : Of course. And I am a duchess.


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