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Directed by: Ben Affleck
Written by: Chris Terrio , Tony Mendez
Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman
Released on: October 12, 2012
Taglines: Based on the Declassified True Story

Argo Quotes

Can I come in?

We're gonna need a script.

Bad news, bad news. Even when it's good news, it's bad news. John Wayne in the ground 6 months and this is what is left of America.

It's got horses in it, it's a Western.

Max Klein : You want me to be honest with you, Les?
Lester Siegel : No, I would like you to bullshit me, Max.

If I'm doing a fake movie, it's gonna be a fake hit.

Argo fuck yourself.

It's a Spy Agency! Find them!

Carter's shitting enough bricks to build the pyramids.

The whole country is watching you, they just don't know it

Brace yourself; it's like talking to those two old fucks on "The Muppets".

I am not going to leave him at the airport with six people and his dick in his hand. Tell the Director to call the White House. Do your fucking job!

This is the best bad idea we have, sir. By far.

John Chambers : Target audience will hate it.
Tony Mendez : Who's the target audience?
John Chambers : People with eyes.

Can I come in?

Shoot him, he's an American spy!

Tony Mendez : Sir, do you have this newspaper in front of you? Would you mind taking a look at it? What's in this picture?
Robert Pender : Tehran.
Tony Mendez : Right. What's on the ground?
Robert Pender : Snow.
Tony Mendez : Right. So what crops are the do-gooders inspecting under Frosty?

Sir, if these people can read or add, pretty soon they're gonna figure out they're six short of a full deck. It's winter. You can't afford to wait around till spring so it's nice enough to take a bike ride. The only way out of that city is the airport. We build new cover identities for them, you send in a Moses, he takes them out on a commercial flight.

Sir, exfils are like abortions. You don't wanna need one. But when you do, you don't do it yourself.

Tony Mendez : If we're caught, you and Pat go on trial for harboring the enemy. You know that, right?
Ken Taylor : Pat and I have discussed it. It's the risk we took.

Tony Mendez : You. Where was your passport issued?
Bob Anders : Vancouver.
Tony Mendez : Where were you born?
Bob Anders : Toronto.
Tony Mendez : "Torono". Canadians don't pronounce the "t".
Lee Schatz : Some Komiteh guard is actually gonna know that?
Tony Mendez : If you're detained for questioning, they will bring in someone who knows that, yes.

Tony Mendez : This is what I do. I get people out. And I've never left anyone behind.
Joe Stafford : I wish I could believe you, Mr. Harkins.
Tony Mendez : My name is Tony Mendez. I'm from New York. My father worked construction. My mother teaches elementary school. I have a wife and a ten year old son. You play along with me today and I promise you, I will get you out tomorrow.

Tony Mendez : Mike, if I were to say you were looking through the wrong end of that viewfinder, would I be right?
Lee Schatz : Yup.

John Chambers : So you want to come to Hollywood, act like a big shot...
Tony Mendez : Yeah.
John Chambers : ...without actually doing anything?
Tony Mendez : No.
John Chambers : You'll fit right in!

Joe Stafford : You really believe your little story's gonna make a difference when there's a gun to our heads?
Tony Mendez : I think my story's the only thing between you and a gun to your head.

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