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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)  image

Directed by: Michael Bay
Written by: Roberto Orci, Ehren Kruger
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel
Released on: June 24, 2009
Taglines: They have returned. They have evolved

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) Quotes

Here we are in the middle of the desert, with the stars above us, and you still can't tell me you love me. image

Here we are in the middle of the desert, with the stars above us, and you still can't tell me you love me.

 Kiss this, bitch! image

Kiss this, bitch!

  I'm not going to go without you! image

I'm not going to go without you!

Aliens built that! Yeah! image

Aliens built that! Yeah!

YEAH! image


 We have got the mother of ALL NBEs on us...! image

We have got the mother of ALL NBEs on us...!

The museum is going to be very angry, very angry! We gotta catch that plane! image

The museum is going to be very angry, very angry! We gotta catch that plane!

We got a whole bunch of fight coming our way! image

We got a whole bunch of fight coming our way!

One man, alone, abandoned by the country he loves... image

One man, alone, abandoned by the country he loves...

Stick with me, all right? Stay on my ass! image

Stick with me, all right? Stay on my ass!

Arcee! Twins! Target headed your way! image

Arcee! Twins! Target headed your way!

Chief Master Sergeant Epps : We just dropped ten tons of dead robot out in the middle of nowhere. I sure hope this kid knows what he's doing...
Major Lennox : Yeah, me too.

Major Lennox : Director Galloway, our National Security Advisor. The President just appointed him liaison...
General Morshower : Well I guess I didn't get that memo.

Galloway : What we need is to come up with a suitable diplomatic solution...
Major Lennox : What, like giving up the kid? There's NO negotiating with them!

Major Lennox : Arcee, you ready?
Arcee : We're locked and loaded.

Agent Simmons : What is going on here?
Leo Spitz : How many times can you get tazered in the nuts before you can't have kids?
Agent Simmons : You're an amateur, kid, a rank amateur.

Jetfire : This planet was visited by our race once before, by our earliest ancestors, millennia ago. They were on an exploratory mission to harvest Energon, the lifeblood of our race. Without it, we'll all perish, oxidize and rust... like my wretched self! Do you have any idea what it's like to slowly fall part and die?
Agent Simmons : Let's not get episodic, okay, old-timer? Beginning, middle, end. Facts, details. Condense: Plot. Tell it!

Agent Simmons : You ever see "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"?
Leo Spitz : No.
Agent Simmons : Starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas?
Leo Spitz : No, why?
Agent Simmons : Looks like we're right in the middle of it.
Leo Spitz : Is that good?
Agent Simmons : A lot of people died.

Agent Simmons : Before I got fired, I looked through Sector Seven's crown jewel. Several files of alien research point to one inescapable fact: the Transformers, they've been here a long, long time. How do I know?
Agent Simmons : Archeologists found these unexplained markings on ancient ruins all over the world: China, Egypt, Greece...
Agent Simmons : Shot in 1932. These the symbols you're seeing in your head? Same ones over here, right? So tell me, how did they end up all drawing the same thing?... Aliens. And I think some of them stayed. Check this out: Project Black Knife...
Agent Simmons : Robots in disguise, hiding here! We detected radioactive signatures all across the country. I pleaded on my knees with S-7 to investigate, but they said the readings were infinitesimal, that I was obsessed! Me! Can you imagine that?

Jetfire : I have issues of my own, and it started with my mother! My ancestors have been here for centuries! My father, why, he was a wheel! The FIRST wheel! Do you know what he tranformed into?
Agent Simmons : No.
Leo Spitz : What?
Jetfire : NOTHING! But he did so with honour! DIGNITY, damn it!

I am directly below... the enemy's scrotum.

Here, take one of these pills and slip it under your tongue. It's the high concentrate Polymer they put in Oreo cookies. It flukes the polygraph every time.

Oh, God, this is it. The Pyramid's built right over the machine! They turn that machine on... no more sun. Not on my watch. Not on MY watch!

Hey! Still radioactive, hands off!

Sometimes you make it to the end of the rainbow, and a leprechaun's placed a booby-trap on you!

I got Wetnaps. I got Wetnaps for your face!

Jetfire : Tell me, is that robot civil war still going on? Who's winning?
Sam Witwicky : The Decepticons
Jetfire : Well, I changed sides to the Autobots.
Sam Witwicky : What do you mean, changed sides?
Jetfire : It's a choice. It's an intensely personal decision. So much negativity... Who wants to live a life filled with hate?
Wheelie : You mean you don't have to work for those miserable freaking Decepticons?
Jetfire : If the Decepticons had their way, they'd destroy the whole universe!

Sam Witwicky : Maybe we can help each other. You know things I don't know, I know things you don't know...
Leo Spitz : I don't think he knows what we know.
Sam Witwicky : I could do this all day. It comes in waves, these vivid symbols. They're symbols, but they're in my mind. You see, all this is in my mind, and Megatron want what's in my mind, him and someone called the Fallen...
Jetfire : The Fallen? I know him. He left me here to rust! The original Decepticon! He's terrible to work for, it's always apocalyose, chaos, crisis...
Jetfire : These transcriptions, they were part of my mission! The Fallen's search... I remember now!... for the Dagger's Tip, a-and the Key!
Sam Witwicky : Slow down! The Dagger's Tip? The Key? What are you talking about?
Jetfire : No time to explain! Hold on, everybody! Stay still or you'll die!
Jetfire : Well, that wasn't so bad. I just hope we're still on the right planet.
Wheelie : Hey, that freaking hurt!

Ron Witwicky : Sam!
Judy Witwicky : What?
Ron Witwicky : Sam!
Sam Witwicky : Mom! Dad!
Sam Witwicky : Wait! WAIT!
Ron Witwicky : Sam, listen to me! I want you to run!
Sam Witwicky : Wait, wait, wai...
Sam Witwicky : Okay...
Sam Witwicky : Okay, this is what you want... and I know you need me, 'cause I know about the Matrix...
Rampage : Sam Witwicky...
Ron Witwicky : Sam, just go!
Judy Witwicky : Sam, listen to your father!
Ron Witwicky : Sam, they're gonna kill us all anyway!
Sam Witwicky : Look, just come over here and take it, don't harm them... okay. BUMBLEBEE!
Sam Witwicky : Take 'im down, Bee!

Sam Witwicky : Hey! You ever have a song stuck in your head? Its like the worst song ever, but you cant help but whistle it or sing it cause it repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself. Kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar.
Leo Spitz : Dude, what the eff?
Sam Witwicky : I know you're freaking out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Easy fix. Puzzle code in my head. Now it's on the walls. Everything is good.

Leo Spitz : HEY! Who drove a freaking yellow Camaro? There's a car on the porch!
Sam Witwicky : What are you doing here?
Bumblebee : "Houston, we have a problem."

Jetfire : What do you want?
Sam Witwicky : Look, we just want to talk!
Jetfire : I've got no time to talk, I'm on a mission! I'm a mercenary doom-bringer!... What planet am I on?
Sam Witwicky : Earth.
Jetfire : Earth? Terrible name for a planet. Might as well call it DIRT, Planet Dirt...

Megatron : There is another source of Energon hidden on this planet. The boy could lead us to it.
Sam Witwicky : OPTIMUS!
Megatron : Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?
Sam Witwicky : Up! GET UP!
Optimus Prime : You'll never stop at one!
Optimus Prime : I'll take you ALL on!

Mikaela Banes : I'm sorry, I'm so sorry about your eye. But if you're a good boy, then I'm not gonna put out your other eye. I'm not gonna hurt you. Just tell me what these symbols are, please...
Wheelie : Oh... oh, I know that, that's the language of the Primes! I don't read it, but these guys... Where the frick did you find photos of these guys?
Sam Witwicky : Is this them?
Wheelie : Yeah! Seekers, pal! Oldest of the old! They've been here for thousands of years, looking for something. I don't know what, nobody tells me nothing. But they'll translate those symbols for you. And I know where to find them!

Tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue!

Sam Witwicky : Okay guys, low profile, all right?
Wheelie : Some of us have work to do! Dumb Autobots...

Major Lennox : Look who showed up... Director Galloway, what an unexpected surprise...
Galloway : Save it! Shanghai's a mess!

I love you.


Wheelie : Is that the best you got, huh? Is that the best you can do?
Mikaela Banes : What are you doing here, you little freak?
Wheelie : That's my eye, you crazy bitch!
Mikaela Banes : You gonna talk now?
Wheelie : I seek knowledge from the Cube. The Fallen demands me!
Mikaela Banes : What knowledge?
Wheelie : You got the shard, I need the shard. Give me the shard. I need the shard. They're gonna whack me! I'm gonna be dead with that shard!
Wheelie : Easy, Warrior Goddess, I'm just a little salvage-scrap drone!
Mikaela Banes : Then I'm your worst nightmare!
Wheelie : Hey, hey, hey!

icket Agent : And have any strangers given you anything suspicious to carry on today?
Wheelie : Yeah, a live bomb! Tick, tick, tick...
Mikaela Banes : No.

Alice : Is that your girlfriend?
Mikaela Banes : EX!

 Hey, Bones, you hungry? image

Hey, Bones, you hungry?

Chief Master Sergeant Epps : I hope those F-16s got good aim.
Major Lennox : Yeah? Why's that?
Chief Master Sergeant Epps : I told them to hit the orange smoke.
Major Lennox : You mean that orange smoke?
Chief Master Sergeant Epps : It wasn't my best throw...
Chief Master Sergeant Epps , Major Lennox : RUUNNN!

Galloway : "The Fallen shall rise again"? Sounds to me like something's coming. So let me ask: If we ultimately conclude that our national security is best served by denying you further asylum on our planet, will you leave peacefully?
Optimus Prime : Freedom is your right. If you make that request, we will honour it. But before your President decides, please ask him this: What if we leave, and you're wrong?
Major Lennox : That's a good question...

Sam Witwicky : Bee, if you hate me I understand. I messed up. I'm sorry.
Bumblebee : "You are the person I care for most in my life, and if there is anything you need I won't be far away."

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