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The Lizard

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The Lizard is played by Rhys Ifans in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).


The Lizard : Poor Peter Parker. No father. No mother. No uncle. You're all alone.
George Stacy : He's not alone.


All these souls, lost and alone. I can save them. I can cure them. There's no reason to stop me, Peter.


Man in the Shadows : Hello, doctor! Did you tell the boy?
Dr. Curt Connors : Tell him what?
Man in the Shadows : Did you tell the boy the truth about his father?
Dr. Curt Connors : NO!
Man in the Shadows : Well, that's very good. Cause I will let him be for now.


I spent my life as a scientist trying to create a world without weakness, without outcasts. I sought to create a stronger human being, but there's no such thing. Human beings are weak, pathetic, feeble-minded creatures. Why be a human at all when we can be so much more? Faster, stronger, smarter. This is my gift to you.


 Extraordinary. How did you come up with this? image

Extraordinary. How did you come up with this?


 Do you have any idea what you really are? image

Do you have any idea what you really are?


"That, changing like the snake, I might be free to cast off flesh wherein I dwell confined."


 Ready to play God? image

Ready to play God?


If you want the truth, Peter, come and get it!
Dr. Curt Connors : You should LEAVE HIM ALONE!


: Welcome. My name is Dr. Curtis Connors. And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm a southpaw. I'm not a cripple, I'm a scientist, and I am the world's most foremost authority in herpetology. That's reptiles, for those of you who don't know.


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