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Suyin is played by Bingbing Li in The Meg.


Suyin: I'm trapped! I'm in it's mouth!
Jaxx: That cage will not break.
Suyin: That's the problem. The cage is being swallowed.


Suyin: This is what attacked us. A megalodon.
DJ: How big is that thing?
Suyin: Between 70 and 90 feet, 21 to 27 meters. The megalodon was the largest shark that ever existed. It feared nothing. it had no predators. it's jaws were stronger than any other animal, ever. The meg could bite a whale in half, crushing through the bones.
Dr. Minway Zhang: We are in uncharted territory. Until today, megalodons were thought to have been extinct for over 2 million years.
DJ: Wrong.
Jaxx: A living fossil.
The Wall: That living fossil ate my friend.


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