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Silva is played by Javier Bardem in Skyfall 2012.


Raoul Silva : Medical evaluation: fail. Physical evaluation: fail. Psychological evaluation, alcohol and substance addiction indicated. Ooh! Pathological rejection of authority based on unresolved childhood trauma.
Raoul Silva : Subject is not approved for field duty and immediate suspension for service advised.
Raoul Silva : What is this if not betrayal? She sent you off to me, knowing you're not ready, knowing you're likely die. Mommy was very bad.


You know what it does to you, hydrogen cyanide?


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Think on your sins.


Hello, James. Welcome. Do you like the island? My grandmother had an island. Nothing to boast of. You could walk around it in an hour, but still it was, it was a paradise for us. One summer, we went for a visit and discovered the place had been infested with rats. They'd come on a fishing boat and gorged themselves on coconut. So how do you get rats off an island? Hmm? My grandmother showed me. We buried an oil drum and hinged the lid. Then we wired coconut to the lid as bait and the rats would come for the coconut and... they would fall into the drum. And after a month, you have trapped all the rats, but what do you do then? Throw the drum into the ocean? Burn it? No. You just leave it and they begin to get hungry. And one by one...
Raoul Silva : they start eating each other until there are only two left. The two survivors. And then what? Do you kill them? No. You take them and release them into the trees, but now they don't eat coconut anymore. Now, they only eat rat. You have changed their nature. The two survivors. This is what she made us.


Do you see what comes of all this running around, Mr. Bond? All this jumping and fighting, it's exhausting! Relax. You need to relax... Ah well, mother's calling. I will give her a good-bye kiss for you.


She sent you after me, knowing you're not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad.


Raoul Silva : You're hurt. You're hurt! What have they done to you? What have they done to you?
Raoul Silva : Free us both. With the same bullet. Only you can do it. Do it! Do it!


Everyone, listen to me. Don't you dare touch her. She's mine!


You caught me... Now, here's your prize. The latest thing from my local toy store. It's called... radio.


The two survivors. This is what she made us.


Raoul Silva : Just make sure Bond's dead!
Raoul Silva : Now it's me and her...


Chasing spies - oh, it's so old fashioned.


Raoul Silva : England. The Empire. MI6.
Raoul Silva : You're living in a ruinous well. You just don't know it yet. At least here there are no old ladies giving orders and no - little - beep - gadgets - from those fools in Q branch.


There is nothing superfluous in my life. When a thing is redundant, it is - poof - eliminated


Fifty year old Macallan. A particular favorite of yours, I understand. So, what's the toast? To the women we love?


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