Arrow quotes

Laurel Lance: You thought about telling me... the night of the undertaking.
Oliver Queen: I thought about telling you almost every night.
Laurel Lance: Why didn't you? Tommy knew. Didn't he? You were with him. You were with him at the end.
Oliver Queen: His last words were about you. He wanted to know if you were safe. Sorry I couldn't save him. And my mother. But I can save you. And Thea. I can save the city if this ends tonight.
Laurel Lance: No. No! You can't commit suicide, Ollie. You won't do that to me. Or to Sara, or to your friends. Or to Thea. Oliver... She just lost her mother. Losing you would destroy her.
Oliver Queen: But she'll be alive.
Laurel Lance: I don't know about hoods and masks or human weapons or any of this. But I know you. I know you like I know my own name. And I realize it may sound crazy in light of your secret, but I know who you are in your bones, Oliver. And that person - that person doesn't give up. That person, he always finds a way.
Oliver Queen: Not this time.
Laurel Lance: You're wrong. You want to protect the people who you love? Then the only way to do that is to stop Slade Wilson.
Oliver Queen: Laurel, I can't!
Laurel Lance: Yes, you can! By stopping Sebastian Blood, because Sebastian is working for Slade Wilson.
Laurel Lance: I have proof. Slade Wilson killed your mother so Sebastian could become mayor.
Oliver Queen: You were right about him. The man in the skull mask works for for Slade Wilson. And this entire time, it was Sebastian.
Laurel Lance: What's happening is bigger than you and Slade. The city needs the Arrow.