Shazam quotes

Mary Bromfield : Oh, my God.Shazam : Mary... Mary, are you okay? Are you...
Mary Bromfield : How do you know my name?
Shazam : Uh... How do I know your name? Uh... One of my superpowers is name-guessing. Which is really weird, I bet. Uh, it's not as cool as super-strength or super-speed, but it's really helpful when I meet new people. Are you hurt?
Mary Bromfield : No, I'm okay. Thank you. Um... I just need a second to think. This has been such a weird day.
Shazam : Um, using my powers of super-observation, I see that you're holding a letter from a college in your hand. Are you upset because you didn't get in?
Mary Bromfield : I got in.
Shazam : Uh... well, now my superpowers are failing me and I am very confused.
Mary Bromfield : Yeah. Me too. I don't know. I know I should be excited 'cause this is my dream and I've worked really, really hard for this, but it's like... I don't know. Leaving my family does notfeel fun, you know?
Shazam : Could I, could I give you a little piece of advice? Don't be worried about everybody else. Always look out for number one. Gandhi said that.
Mary Bromfield : I don't think he said that.
Shazam : Yeah, he did.
Mary Bromfield : Gandhi did not say.
Shazam : Somebody like Gandhi said that.
Mary Bromfield : Take care of number one.
Shazam : It was a really wise... It might've been Yoda. Listen...
Mary Bromfield : I'm sorry, no.
Shazam : Agree to disagree. The point is, you do you, you know? You gotta look out for you. And get as far away from this place as you can.
Mary Bromfield : I don't know if I want to.
Shazam : Of course you do. What're you gonna do? You're gonna live in a group home for the rest of your life?
Shazam : Look, families are for people who can't take care of themselves, okay? So... You know, and you can take care of yourself. Also, look both ways when you cross the street.

Billy Batson : Hi. Um... I was supposed to get off at 30th.
The Wizard : Billy Batson.
Billy Batson : How'd you know my name?
The Wizard : I am the last of the Council of Wizards. Keeper of the Rock of Eternity.Billy Batson : Oh... You're... that guy. Hey, listen, I don't have any money.
The Wizard : Do not patronize me, boy!
The Wizard : You are standing in the source of all magic. The Rock of Eternity. Seven thrones of seven wizards. But long ago, we chose a champion. And we chose recklessly. He used his power for revenge, releasing the Seven Deadly Sins into your world. Millions of lives were lost. Entire civilizations erased from existence.
The Wizard : That is why I vowed never to pass on my magic until I find one truly good person. Strong in spirit, pure in heart.
Billy Batson : Look, man, maybe this is magic, and, I don't know, but the people you're looking for, good, pure people, I'm not one of them. I-I don't know if anyone is, really.
The Wizard : You, Billy Batson, are all I have. All the world has.
The Wizard : Lay your hands on my staff.
Billy Batson : Gross.
The Wizard : And say my name so my powers may flow through you. I open my heart to you, Billy Batson. And in so doing, choose you as champion.
Billy Batson : Thanks.
Billy Batson : Real sweet of you, mister, but I really gotta get going.
The Wizard : My brothers and sisters were slain by the Sins. Their thrones lie empty! My magic must be passed on. Now...
The Wizard : Speak my name!
Billy Batson : I-I don't know your name, sir. We just met.
The Wizard : My name is... Shazam.
Billy Batson : Wait, for real?
The Wizard : Say it!
Billy Batson : Okay! Jeez.
Billy Batson : o just say it? Like... Shazam?
The Wizard : Yes! Carry my name, and with it, you carry all my powers. The wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.
Shazam : What happened to me? Why am... W-w-what did you do to me? What did you do to my voice?
The Wizard : You have been transformed to your full potential, Billy Batson. With your heart, unlock your greatest power.
The Wizard : The thrones of our brothers and sisters await.
Shazam : Get me outta here!