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Peeta Mellark

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Peeta Mellark is played by Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).


Be careful, it's a force field up there. image

Be careful, it's a force field up there.


Peeta Mellark : They won't touch Prim! All right?
Johanna Mason : Your fiancé's right. The whole country loves your sister. If they tortured her or did anything to her - forget the districts - there would be riots in the damn Capitol.
Johanna Mason : Hey, how does that sound, Snow? What if we... what if we set YOUR backyard on fire? You know you can't put everybody in here!
Johanna Mason : What? He can't hurt me. There's no one left that I love.


Caesar Flickerman : But, Peeta, the wedding, the marriage, never to be?
Peeta Mellark : Well, actually, we got married... in secret.
Caesar Flickerman : A secret wedding. All right, do tell.
Peeta Mellark : We... we want our love to be eternal.
Caesar Flickerman : Of course.
Peeta Mellark : You know, Katniss and I... we've been... we've been luckier than most, and I wouldn't have any regrets at all, i-i-if it... if it weren't... if...
Caesar Flickerman : If it weren't... for what? What? What?
Peeta Mellark : If it weren't for the baby.


Though they fought and lived with honor and dignity until the end, both Thresh and Rue were so young. But our lives aren't just measured in years. They're measured in the lives of people we touch around us. For myself, for Katniss, we know that without Rue, and without Thresh, we wouldn't be standing here today.


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