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Jonas Taylor

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Jonas Taylor is played by Jason Statham in The Meg.


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... image

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...


Chew on this, you ugly bastard. image

Chew on this, you ugly bastard.


Meg versus man isn't a fight... it's a slaughter. image

Meg versus man isn't a fight... it's a slaughter.


Hey, I mean no offense, Dr. Zhang. I mean, if there was two people on this planet that could get me back into the water, it's probably you two. But you can't. You're gonna tell me your problem and I'll say no. You're going to offer me money. I'll still say no. You're gonna appeal to my better nature and I'm gonna say no. Because I don't have one.


Jonas Taylor : You know a lot.
Meiying : Eight-year-olds hear everything.


Jonas Taylor : Remind me again why this a good idea.
Jaxx : What? It's a shark cage.
Jonas Taylor : Plastic shark cage.
Jaxx : I'm gonna ignore that you just said that. This beautiful thing is polycarbonate, specifically designed not to crack, not to break, but to deform. And in this case, at this thickness, it would take 20,000 pounds per square inch. And you're talking about breaking, that's eight to nine hundred thousand.
Jonas Taylor : I don't like it.
The Wall : Doesn't like it.
DJ : I wouldn't get in there.


Thai Boat Captain : You drink too much.
Jonas Taylor : Hey, now you're only saying that because I literally have a beer in my hand.
Thai Boat Captain : You always have a beer in your hand. You know why?
Jonas Taylor : Because I drink too much?


Jonas Taylor : Look at the sonar. Let me know what you find.
D'Angelo : So far nothing new, my friend. It just keeps getting worse.


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