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Jason is played by Dacre Montgomery in Power Rangers.


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Sorry, Bumblebee!


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A bull has only one udder, and it's NOT an udder!


Alpha 5 : Why didn't you step through? That was your only chance.
Zordon : I know... but only one can come back.
Zordon : There can only be ONE Red Ranger, Jason. This is your time... This is your team.
Jason Lee Scott : Thank you.


Zordon : She is pure evil.
Trini : How are we supposed to stop her?
Jason Lee Scott : It's morphin' time.


Zordon : You should keep that. You've earned it.
Jason Lee Scott : I'll come back for it.
Alpha 5 : See ya later, buddy!


Kimberly Hart : It's strange to hear you say my name.
Jason Lee Scott : What? What did you say?
Kimberly Hart : I said, it's strange to hear you say my name. Like we know each other.
Jason Lee Scott : We... We do know each other.
Kimberly Hart : Oh, we know who each other are, but we don't really know each other.
Jason Lee Scott : I know you used to date Ty Fleming.
Kimberly Hart : Oh. Then you know I punched his tooth out.
Jason Lee Scott : I know they put it back.


Jason Lee Scott : Okay, listen. Start over. Erase that picture right now!
Kimberly Hart : Jason, it can't be erased.
Jason Lee Scott : Then live with it! You did an awful thing, that does not make you a awful person. Just be the person you wanna be.


Kimberly Hart : My house is on the other side of this mountain. I hike these trails sometimes to clear my head. And I stare down at Angel Grove and wonder how such a small crap town could cause me such misery.
Jason Lee Scott :
Kimberly Hart : That funny to you?
Jason Lee Scott : No, I just... I feel the same way.
Kimberly Hart : Yeah. Jason Scott, star quarterback, crashes and burns. Destroys his career and destroys our season. Go Tigers.
Jason Lee Scott : Yeah, now I walk around town and everyone's looking at me like I ran over their dog.


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