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Ethan Hunt

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Ethan Hunt is played by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018).


 What's done is done when we say it's done. image

What's done is done when we say it's done.


 I'll figure it out. image

I'll figure it out.


That's right. Prick. image

That's right. Prick.


 I am terribly sorry... image

I am terribly sorry...


 Kill everyone? That's your plan? image

Kill everyone? That's your plan?


Solomon Lane : Do you, Ethan Hunt, take Julia as your lawful wedded wife?
Ethan Hunt : I do.
Solomon Lane : To have, to hold, to love, to love, cherish, honor, and protect?
Ethan Hunt : I do.
Solomon Lane : To shield from terrors known and unknown, to lie, to deceive, to lead a double life, to fail to prevent her abduction, erase her identity, force her into hiding, take away all she has known...
Ethan Hunt : Stop.
Solomon Lane : a selfish, futile, fleeting attempt...
Ethan Hunt : Stop.
Solomon Lane : escape your own true self.
Ethan Hunt : Please, stop!
Solomon Lane : And Julia, do you choose to accept?
Ethan Hunt : Don't.
Julia Meade-Hunt : I do.
Ethan Hunt : No!
Solomon Lane : You should have killed me, Ethan.


Solomon Lane : That was Ilsa.
Ethan Hunt : Shut up.
Solomon Lane : Very interesting. It's good to see you again, Ethan.


Alan Hunley : Accept it, Ethan. You've lost this one. What's done is done.
Ethan Hunt : What's done is done... when we say it's done.


Ethan Hunt : Julia... I'm sorry
Julia Meade-Hunt : There's no reason to be sorry
Ethan Hunt : I... I'm sorry for Everything... I
Julia Meade-Hunt : Look at me. Look at my life. I love what I do and I never would've found this if I hadn't met you. Everything that happened... it taught me who I am... it showed me what I'm capable of and I... I'm a survivor.
Ethan Hunt : But what happened here... it was my...
Julia Meade-Hunt : Nothing happened. Because You were here. And I sleep soundly at night knowing you always will be.
Ethan Hunt : You're Happy.
Julia Meade-Hunt : Very. I'm exactly where I should be. And so are you.


Zola : You want your plutonium? This is the price. Or do you draw the line at killing cops?
The White Widow : That's John Lark you're talking to.
Ethan Hunt : I've murdered women and children with smallpox. I have no line.
The White Widow : Right. Sleep well, everyone. Busy day tomorrow...


The CIA has been infiltrated. I don't trust anybody outside of this room. We're gonna have to go alone.


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