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Driss is played by Omar Sy in The Intouchables.


Driss: Where do you find a paraplegic?
Philippe: I don't know.
Driss: Where you leave him.


Philippe: Tell me Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?
Driss: I don't know, it's a business?
Philippe: No. That's because it's the only thing one leaves behind


Philippe: Oh, it's awful.
Philippe: I look like my grandpa.
Driss: Okay. Let me shave the rest off.
Philippe: No, come on.
Driss: That's not funny, no?
Philippe: Don't you mean "nein"?


Driss: 100 euros says I can lose them.
Philippe: You're on.


Driss: Oh I know this one. Everyone know it. Of course.
Driss: You have reached the Paris unemployment agency. All our lines are currently busy. The estimated waiting time is two years.


We listened to your classics. Now it's time to listen to mine.


I'm not going in there, even you! I'm not gonna lead you in the back like a horse.


Driss: So if you have red ears, it means you're turned on?
Philippe: That's it. Sometimes I even wake up with hard lobes.
Driss: Both of them?


Guys from the north drink so much, they're all beating their ladies. She'll see there's no risk with you.


Driss: Isn't it Tom and Jerry?
Philippe: Tom and Jerry. What a rascal. Help.


It's not about being ready. I do not do that. I don't empty a stranger's butt. I don't even empty a friend's butt. I usually don't empty butts. It's a matter of principles.


She got the hots for me.


What a seducer! He's epistoling like a boss.


Driss: Can't the motivation sign for you?
Philippe: No no no, Magalie can't do that.
Driss: It's a shame. She could have dropped in her number as well.


Outta the way.


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