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Dominic Toretto

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Dominic Toretto is played by Vin Diesel in Fast Five (2011).


 But not today. image

But not today.

The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now. Salute, mi familia.

Brian O'Conner : You know, I want another shot.
Dominic Toretto : Yeah?
Brian O'Conner : Yeah. No wagers. Nobody else. Just you and me, once and for all.
Dominic Toretto : Ha. You sure you can handle the disappointment?
Brian O'Conner : Are you?
Dominic Toretto : All right, O'Conner. Let's see what you got...

Dominic Toretto : We talkin' or we racin'?
Brian O'Conner : Just don't cheat this time.
Dominic Toretto : You gotta let that go.

Dominic Toretto : That little coupe may run the streets around here, but
Dominic Toretto : that monster has never seen a set of tail lights, ever.


When Hobbs crashes into Dom's 70 Charger, Dom says, "You just made a big mistake."


Elena Neves : Run, before it's too late. Leave Rio. You can be free.
Dominic Toretto : Running ain't freedom. You should know that.


Brian O'Conner : You realize we're talking about going up against the most powerful guy in all of Rio?
Dominic Toretto : Yes, we are.
Brian O'Conner : Then we're gonna need a team.

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