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Bud Brigman

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Bud Brigman is played by Ed Harris in The Abyss.


When it comes to the safety of these people, there's me and then there's God, understand?


Keep your pantyhose on.


Howdy. Uh... How are you guys doin'?


Lew Finler : Bud, did you know your hand is blue?
Virgil 'Bud' Brigman : Finler, why don't you just shut up and put your gear on?


Alan "Hippy" Carnes : You know, we got Russian subs creepin' around; anythin' goes wrong they can say whatever they want happened! Give their folks medals!
Virgil 'Bud' Brigman : Relax, will ya? You're makin' the women nervous.
Lindsey Brigman : Cute, Virgil.


Virgil : Brigman here. Yeah, Kirkhill, what's going on? Yeah, I'm calm. I'm a calm person. Is there some reason I shouldn't be calm?
Virgil : WHAT?


She didn't leave me. She just left me behind.


How do you know they're really gonna do it? Where do you get off passing judgment on us? You can't be sure. How do you know?


When you're hanging on by your fingernails, you can't go waving your arms around.


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