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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  image

Directed by: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey
Written by: Phil Lord , Rodney Rothman
Starring: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld
Released on: December 14, 2018
Taglines: Enter a universe where more than one wears the mask

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Quotes

Brooklyn Visions Security Guard : I know you snuck out last night, Morales.
Miles Morales : Play dumb!
Miles Morales : Who's Morales?
Miles Morales : Not that dumb!

Gwen Stacy : Buckle up, guys, this is going to take a while.
Gwen Stacy : All right, never mind. Let's end this thing. image

Gwen Stacy : Buckle up, guys, this is going to take a while.
Gwen Stacy : All right, never mind. Let's end this thing.

Hey... image


We're the Spider... uh... Gang! image

We're the Spider... uh... Gang!

If I don't destroy the collider, none of us will have a home to go home to. image

If I don't destroy the collider, none of us will have a home to go home to.

Girl : Hey. Your shoe's untied.
Miles Morales : Yeah, I'm aware. It's a choice.

Peter B. Parker : All right, people, let's do this one last time. My name is Peter B. Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last twenty-two years I thought I was the one and only Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure you know the rest. You see, I saved the city, fell in love, I got married, saved the city some more, maybe too much, my marriage got testy, made some dicey money choices - don't invest in a Spider-themed restaurant. Then like fifteen years passed, blah blah blah super boring, I broke my back, a drone flew into my face, I buried Aunt May, my wife and I split up. But I handled it like a champion.
Peter B. Parker : 'Cause you know what? No matter how many times I get hit, I always get back up. And I got a lot of time to reflect and work on myself. Did you know that seahorses that they mate for life? Could you imagine a seahorse seeing another seahorse and then making it work? She wanted kids and it scared me. I'm pretty sure I broke her heart. Flash forward, I'm in my apartment doing pushups, doing ab crunches, getting strong -
Peter B. Parker : - when this weird thing happened. And I gotta say, weird things happen to me a lot. But this was *real* weird. You see, I was in New York, but... things were different. Also I was dead. And blonde. I was kind of... perfect. It was like looking in a mirror. I have a feeling the thing that brought me here was the thing that got him killed. You wanna know what happened next?
Peter B. Parker : Me, too.

Spider-Ham : That's all, folks.
Peter B. Parker : Is he allowed to say that? Legally?

Uncle Aaron : You know about the shoulder touch?
Miles Morales : 'Course I do.
Miles Morales : But, uh, tell me anyway.
Uncle Aaron : Walk up to her and be like...
Uncle Aaron : ... hey.
Miles Morales : You serious, Uncle Aaron?
Uncle Aaron : I'm telling you man, it's science.
Miles Morales : So walk up to her and be like...
Miles Morales : ... hey.
Uncle Aaron : No, no, no, no. Like... hey.
Miles Morales : Hey.
Uncle Aaron : No. Hey.
Miles Morales : Hey.
Uncle Aaron : You sure you my nephew, man?

Uncle Aaron : Miles...
Miles Morales : Uncle Aaron. This is my fault.
Uncle Aaron : No, Miles. I'm sorry. I wanted you to look up to me. I let you down, man, I let you down. You're the best of all of us, Miles. You're on your way. Just... just keep going... just keep going...

Peter B. Parker : I love this burger. So delicious. Mm. One of the best burgers I've ever had. In my universe, this place closed six years ago. Mm. I don't know why. I really don't. Mm!
Peter B. Parker : You have money, right? I'm not very liquid right now.

Doc Ock : If we fire again this week, there could be a black hole under Brooklyn. You see this? And this? This is multiple dimensions beginning to crash into each other.
Peter B. Parker : This is pretty standard Spider-Man stakes. You get used to it. Watch this. He's gonna say "You've got 24 hours."
Kingpin : You've got 24 hours.
Doc Ock : What this means is there could be a rupture in the space-time continuum.
Peter B. Parker : Ooh. That's bad. Actually, everything she said was bad. I was lying before.

One thing I know for sure: don't do it like me. Do it like you. image

One thing I know for sure: don't do it like me. Do it like you.

Peter B. Parker : What did you say your name was?
Doc Ock : Dr. Olivia Octavius.
Peter B. Parker : Can I assume your friends call you Doc Ock?
Doc Ock : My friends actually call me Liv. My *enemies* call me Doc Ock.

Peter B. Parker : This could literally not get any weirder.
Spider-Ham : It can get weirder!
Spider-Ham : I just washed my hands. That' why they're wet.
Spider-Ham : No other reason.

Stan : I'm going to miss him.
Miles Morales : Yeah.
Stan : We were friends, you know.
Miles Morales : Can I return it if it doesn't fit?
Stan : It always fits. Eventually.

Miles Morales : Seriously, Dad, walking would have been fine.
Jefferson Davis : You can walk plenty on Saturday when you peel those stickers off.
Miles Morales : You saw that? I don't know if that was me, Dad.
Jefferson Davis : And the two from yesterday on Clinton.
Miles Morales : Yeah. Those were me.

Miles Morales : A zero, huh? A few more of those, you'd probably have to kick me out of here, huh? Maybe I'm just not right for this school.
Miss Calleros : If a person wearing a blindfold picked the answers on a true-or-false quiz at random, do you know what score they would get?
Miles Morales : Fifty percent?
Miss Calleros : That's right!
Miles Morales : Wait, wait...
Miss Calleros : The only way to get all the answers wrong... is to know which answers are right.
Miss Calleros : You're trying to quit. And I'm not gonna let you.

Miles Morales : Why did I get stuck with the janky old, broke, hobo Spider-Man?
Miles Morales : That's new.

Miles Morales : Gosh, don't cops run red lights?
Jefferson Davis : Oh, yeah. Some do. But not your dad.

Miles Morales : I was there when it all happened. I'm sorry.
Aunt May : And what dimension are you from?
Miles Morales : Brooklyn.

Jefferson Davis : With great ability comes great accountability.
Miles Morales : That's not how it goes.

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